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Tragic Drowning Incident Claims Life of Young Lad in Limerick

LIMERICK – The recent spate of drowning incidents in Limerick has cast a sombre shadow over the community, with yet another tragic fatality occurring on Saturday. The victim of this heartbreaking incident was a young lad named Mr O’Callaghan, whose life was lost while bathing in the waters near St.… Read More

Concerns Raised Over Anonymous Letters in Proximity to Limerick City

Sir, In a picturesque district near Limerick City, members of the local party are grappling with a vexing issue: the relentless onslaught of anonymous letters penned by a particularly troublesome individual. These missives, directed towards the authorities, serve as a source of constant vexation for the party, disrupting their peace… Read More

Tragic Fire Incident Claims Life of Elderly Woman in Limerick

LIMERICK – A devastating fire incident unfolded in Garryowen, Limerick, on Thursday, resulting in the tragic demise of Mary Moore, an elderly woman. The incident occurred while Mrs. Moore was tending to her shop, where a gas stove situated beneath the shop counter inadvertently ignited her clothing. Despite efforts to… Read More

Concerns Raised Over Mixed Bathing Practice in Limerick

LIMERICK – The issue of mixed bathing has sparked discussions at a recent session of the Urban Council, with concerns raised by various members regarding the practice’s moral and societal implications. The caretaker of the Strand brought attention to the existence of mixed bathing to some extent, prompting immediate action… Read More

Inquest Determines Accidental Death of Limerick Worker

LIMERICK – An inquest convened by Mr J.F. Barry, J.P., the Limerick City Coroner, alongside a jury, has concluded that the death of Cornelius Ward, a married man employed by Messrs. Arthur Guinness, Sons, and Co., was the result of a tragic accident. The incident occurred while Mr Ward was… Read More

Tragic Drowning Incident in the River Shannon

LIMERICK – A leisurely day by the River Shannon turned tragic yesterday when Patrick Driscoll, aged 35, lost his life in a drowning accident. Mr Driscoll, reportedly on leave from his employment in Dublin and visiting his hometown of Limerick, encountered difficulties while bathing in the river and succumbed to… Read More

Dr O’Dwyer Raises Concerns Over Education Commissioners’ Directive

LIMERICK, Saturday – Dr O’Dwyer, K.C., Bishop of Limerick, has issued a circular to the Managers of Limerick National Schools expressing grave reservations regarding a recent directive from the Commissioners of National Education. The directive in question pertains to the distribution of a pamphlet titled “Patriotism,” authored by Mrs. May… Read More

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