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Archivist – Limerick Gazette


Welcome To Limerick Gazette

I am Gerard Hannan BA MBS MA, a dedicated historian with a passion for unraveling the captivating history of Limerick, Ireland. Through an extensive project, I am meticulously chronicling the 20th Century history of this vibrant city, utilizing a rich tapestry of images and stories to encapsulate its essence. This venture encompasses a comprehensive series of 1200 magazines, serving as intricate time capsules that offer profound insights into Limerick’s past.

To breathe life into this ambitious undertaking, I delve deep into international newspaper archives, meticulously sifting through the annals of time to unearth the most compelling and controversial stories that once graced international headlines. These narratives are the threads woven into the fabric of Limerick’s history, and through my work, they are meticulously preserved and brought to the forefront once more.

Every magazine within this monumental series consists of more than 75 pages, each page a testament to the unfolding history of Limerick. The content, a fusion of meticulously curated historical news pieces, is accompanied by fully enhanced and colorized images. The visual aspect is crucial in transporting readers back in time, allowing them to not only read about history but also to vividly experience it. Each article’s source is diligently cited, catering to those with a thirst for further research, enabling them to embark on their own scholarly journeys.

Recognizing the need to make history accessible to all, I have spearheaded the establishment of a digital online archive at www.limerickarchives.com. This virtual repository serves as a treasure trove where I publish each meticulously crafted article, accompanied by a plethora of evocative images. The online archive is characterized by its user-friendly interface and powerful search functionality, rendering historical exploration an effortless endeavor. Importantly, access to this invaluable resource is bestowed freely, ensuring that the annals of Limerick’s history are open to all who wish to engage with them. The comprehensive contents of every magazine are generously available to all visitors to the website.

Beyond the digital realm, I have extended the reach of this project to encompass physical manifestations of history. E-book editions of the magazines are available for purchase and download from platforms such as Amazon, providing readers with the opportunity to carry a piece of Limerick’s history with them wherever they go. For those who relish the tactile experience, Paperback and Hardback editions are also offered, allowing history enthusiasts to adorn their shelves with the vibrant saga of Limerick.

Embracing the power of social media, we actively engage with a global audience through platforms like Facebook and X (Twitter). These avenues serve as conduits through which the essence of Limerick’s history is distilled into bite-sized posts, inviting readers to delve deeper into the narrative tapestry that defines the city.

As the hands of time continue their steady march, so does my project. The culmination of this monumental effort is set to take place on December 31st, 2025. By this date, all publications will have materialized, resulting in a cohesive narrative that stretches across the expanse of the 20th Century, capturing the triumphs, trials, and transformations that have sculpted Limerick into what it is today.

In essence, my journey as a Limerick Historian is an odyssey fueled by an unwavering commitment to preserving the past and fostering a profound understanding of the city’s history. Through meticulously curated magazines, a dynamic online archive, and diverse publication formats, I endeavor to make this history not just a relic of the past, but a living, breathing entity that continues to shape the collective identity of Limerick.

Gerard J. Hannan.