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In a recent press statement, the Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, voiced his concerns over the actions of the Irish Parliamentary Party during the war, particularly their decision regarding the Home Rule Bill. The bishop’s sentiments underscore a growing discontent with the party’s leadership and raise questions about… Read More


In the annals of Queen Anne’s reign, a period marked by fervent religious strife, the Anti-Popery Bill stands as a testament to the systematic persecution faced by Catholics in Ireland. Enacted to “prevent the further growth of Popery,” this legislation introduced a series of Draconian measures aimed at suppressing the… Read More

Limerick: The Heart of Ireland

In a stirring reflection penned by the Reverend W. J. Lockington, S.J., the essence of Ireland’s spirit is captured with eloquence and reverence. Published in “The W.A. Record” on April 14, 1917, this insightful piece delves into the profound connection between the Irish people and their enduring faith. The article… Read More

Limerick Court Addresses Sectarian Dispute Over Graveyard Inscription

In a recent court session held at the Limerick Quarter Sessions, a contentious issue of religious intolerance and bigotry came under scrutiny. The case, brought forward by Miss Mary McNamara of Thomondgate, involved a dispute over burial rights and damages related to a tombstone inscription within the cemetery of St.… Read More

Siege of Limerick: A Historic Account of Bravery and Conflict

The Siege of Limerick, a pivotal event in the Irish War of Independence, unfolded with strategic manoeuvres and fierce battles, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of history. As forces clashed and strategies unfolded, the outcome of this siege hinged on courage, resourcefulness, and the relentless pursuit of victory.… Read More

Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, Celebrates 75th Birthday

Dr O’Dwyer, the esteemed Bishop of Limerick, commemorated his 75th year of life. A native of Tipperary, he was born in Holy Cross, a place intertwined with historical significance. Notably, Holy Cross was also the birthplace of the late Archbishop Ryan of Philadelphia, who, in a touching tribute, erected a… Read More

Sudden Death of Reverend Father O’Brien at St. Mary’s Cathedral

A sombre air enveloped St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sale on Wednesday evening as the Very Reverend J. O’Brien, the cathedral’s administrator, tragically passed away while overseeing the Holy Week ceremonies. The scene unfolded during the observance of Tenebrae, with the Most Reverend Dr Phelan, Bishop of the diocese, presiding over… Read More


In the annals of Irish history, few episodes shine as brightly as the emancipation of 1829, a milestone marked by the indomitable spirit and strategic prowess of Ireland’s great liberator, Daniel O’Connell. The echoes of his efforts resonate through time, immortalizing his legacy as a champion of freedom and justice.… Read More

Limerick Hurling Match Incident Sparks Legal Debate

A recent incident at a hurling match in County Limerick has ignited a legal debate concerning the rights of solicitors and the authority of military personnel under the Defence of the Realm Act. Mr James Ryan, secretary to the Limerick County Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A.), found himself… Read More