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Gerard Hannan – Page 4 – Limerick Gazette

Journeying Across Time: The Athlunkard Toll House, 1903

In the year 1903, a journey between the counties of Limerick and Clare was not just a matter of crossing a bridge but a passage through history itself. At the threshold of this historic journey stands a Limerick “jarvey,” ready to embark on a timeless crossing. Before venturing across the… Read Full Article

A Peaceful Day on Rathkeale Road, Adare, Co. Limerick, c. 1900

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of County Limerick, the early 20th century brought a sense of tranquillity to Rathkeale Road in Adare. This charming Irish village, often dubbed the “prettiest in Ireland,” was a haven of peace and serenity. In the year 1900, horses and carts gracefully traversed the cobblestone… Read Full Article