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Revolutionising Maritime Transportation Between Ireland and England: The Roeselare-Fishguard Sailing Route

This article delves into the significant decision made by the Limerick County Council in 1900 to approve the establishment of a groundbreaking maritime transportation route connecting Ireland and England through Rosslare in Ireland and Fishguard in Wales. The article explores the historical context, rationale, and potential implications of this ambitious… Read More

“Triumph Amidst the Blizzard: The Irish Junior Cross-country Championship of 1900”

This article recounts the remarkable Irish Junior Cross-country Championship of 1900, held in Inchicore, near Dublin, under extreme blizzard conditions. Despite the adverse weather, the event showcased the unwavering determination and resilience of young Irish athletes. The Galway Harriers emerged victorious, closely followed by Ballinasloe, Limerick, and Leinster, with Hamilton… Read More

“Sustainable Resource Management and Circular Economy Initiatives: The English and Continental Company’s Endeavour in Limerick, 1900”

This historical article explores the efforts of the English and Continental Company, situated at 63-64 Mungret Street in Limerick in 1900, to promote environmentally friendly practices and sustainable resource management through the repurposing and recycling of various materials. The company’s initiative aimed to contribute to the establishment of a circular… Read More