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1901 – Limerick Archives

Limerick Carpenter’s Strike Takes a Dramatic Turn

Limerick, Ireland – Negotiations aimed at resolving the contentious carpenters’ strike in Limerick have taken a dramatic and potentially volatile turn, as tensions between striking workers and employers escalate. Despite the involvement of High Sheriff Mr James F. Barry as an arbitrator, efforts to reach a settlement have hit a wall, plunging the local construction industry into uncertainty. In response to the breakdown in talks, employers have issued a chilling ultimatum – they threaten to import carpenters from England and Scotland to fill the striking workers’ positions. The move, designed to break the strike, has sent shockwaves through the labour… Read Full Article

Ancient Irish Coracle Canoe Unearthed Near Tuam: A Remarkable Discovery

In a momentous archaeological revelation, an ancient Irish coracle canoe has been unearthed by workmen engaged in turf-cutting in a bog near Tuam, Ireland. This well-preserved relic from Ireland’s past promises to shed light on the nation’s rich Celtic heritage. The canoe, measuring an astonishing 52 feet in length, was discovered several feet below the bog’s surface. This astounding find has captured the imagination of historians and archaeologists alike. The remarkable discovery was made during routine turf-cutting operations in the picturesque region near Tuam, a town steeped in history and folklore. As the workmen delved deeper into the bog, they… Read Full Article

Limerick Hunt and United Irish League Engage in Ongoing Dialogue Over Land Access Dispute

In a bid to find common ground, the Limerick Hunt recently convened a conference with representatives from the United Irish League, a group advocating for local farmers’ rights. The primary agenda of this meeting was to address mounting concerns surrounding the protest staged by farmers, who were demanding restrictions on two members of the hunt, Arthur White and Ernest. While the farmers expressed their willingness to permit the hunt’s activities on their lands, they stood firm on their refusal to extend this permission to the aforementioned controversial members. In response, the hunt committee has undertaken to discuss this contentious matter… Read Full Article

Limerick Constable Faces Neglect of Duty Accusation in Ongoing Window-Breaking Saga

Limerick, Ireland – In a tale reminiscent of a bygone era, a police inquiry unfolded in the picturesque city of Limerick, Ireland, with Constable William Bryan at the centre of the storm. The accusation of neglect of duty, hurled by District Inspector Cusack, has cast a shadow over the diligent constable’s reputation. The intrigue surrounding this case revolves around the mysterious shattering of windows at Dr Long’s dispensary on Thomas Street. The plot thickens as it appears that the Inspector-General, in a bid to maintain order and accountability within the force, has cautioned Constable Bryan. This stern warning reflects the… Read Full Article

Puzzling Incident Unfolds in Limerick as Two Wrongfully Committed to Lunatic Asylum

Limerick, Ireland – In a perplexing turn of events, Limerick found itself at the centre of an unusual incident as two individuals were erroneously confined to a local lunatic asylum. The bizarre mishap went unnoticed for an extended period, leaving these individuals, who were perfectly sane, to coexist with patients in the facility. The incident has ignited concerns surrounding the admission procedures and assessments employed in mental health institutions. This peculiar episode unfolded within the confines of Limerick’s tranquil surroundings, where a local lunatic asylum inadvertently became the stage for a bewildering mix-up. The identity mix-up led to two individuals… Read Full Article

Lively Gathering in Limerick: United Irish League Hosts Memorable Evening of Speech and Song

Limerick, Ireland – In a night of unity and fervour, the Jarrow branch of the United Irish League orchestrated a remarkable demonstration and concert at the historic Mechanics’ Institute on Ellison Street. With an enthusiastic turnout, the event, chaired by Mr Henry Coovey, the branch’s president, saw the convergence of both Irish nationals and locals alike, all eager to partake in a night of cultural celebration and discussion. The highlight of the evening was the presence of Alderman Joyce, Member of Parliament representing Limerick, who graced the gathering with his wisdom and passion for the Irish National movement. Alongside him,… Read Full Article

“Victory and Homecoming: Evicted Tenants Return to O’Grady Estate in Abbeyfeale, County Limerick”

In a remarkable turn of events, eight tenants who had endured two decades of displacement on the O’Grady estate in Abbeyfeale, County Limerick, have finally returned to their ancestral lands. This uplifting saga, brought to light by the London Chronicle correspondent, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the people and their unyielding determination in the face of adversity. The eviction of these tenants, which occurred on that fateful day of March 2nd, 1882, marked the beginning of a long and arduous journey. They were summarily dispossessed of their beloved holdings, thrust into a life of uncertainty and… Read Full Article

Young Man Charged for Vandalizing Street Lamp Near Dr Long’s Dispensary in Limerick

In a recent session of Limerick petty court, a young man found himself in the legal crosshairs as he faced charges brought forth by the police for his alleged involvement in the destruction of a street lamp, located just opposite Dr Long’s dispensary. The incident, a small yet poignant moment in the bustling streets of Limerick, unfolded as Constable Richardson provided compelling testimony, shedding light on the events that transpired on that fateful evening. Constable Richardson recounted that he had observed the defendant, a man by the name of Kelly, strolling past Dr Long’s dispensary. However, the officer’s keen eye-witnessed… Read Full Article

Glittering Night of Elegance at Limerick’s Royal Artillery Ball

LIMERICK – A splendid and stylish affair unfolded in the heart of Limerick last week, as the Royal Artillery officers played host to a magnificent ball at the New Barracks. The event, attended by distinguished personalities and socialites, transported guests into a world of opulence, charm, and elegance. Among the luminaries gracing the occasion was Lady Fermoy, resplendent in a striking black satin gown adorned with exquisite diamonds. Her presence exuded grace and sophistication that resonated throughout the evening. Lady Beatrice O’Brien, dressed in a pale blue ensemble, captivated onlookers with lace and shimmering diamonds that caught the light and… Read Full Article

“Limerick Printer’s Legal Woes Highlight the Importance of Adherence to Local Laws”

In Limerick, William Forsight, a printer, found himself entangled in a legal quagmire as he faced prosecution on charges of carrying firearms in the district without a license. This episode was not the first of Forsight’s encounters with the long arm of the law, as he had previously faced charges related to physical altercations and discharging a weapon near the Post Office. However, despite these prior allegations, Forsight had managed to evade conviction, primarily due to the authorities’ inability to provide sufficient evidence to substantiate the claims against him. In the most recent case, Forsight was presented with a choice:… Read Full Article

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