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1902 – Limerick Archives

Beloved Railway Guard Sustains Injury in Newcastle West Incident

Newcastle West, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of County Limerick, found itself in the spotlight recently, albeit under less-than-favourable circumstances. The incident that unfolded on Christmas Eve involved Mr Patrick Sheehy, a familiar and much-admired face among the commuters plying the railway line between Tralee and Limerick. Mr Sheehy, whose friendly disposition and unwavering dedication to his work had endeared him to both passengers and colleagues, encountered an unfortunate mishap. The incident raised considerable concern for his well-being, given the prominent role he plays in ensuring the smooth operation of the rail service. However, amidst the initial anxiety… Read Full Article

“Rugby Legends Spanning Decades: T. Pearson’s International Career Highlights Final Appearance in Limerick”

In the world of international rugby, particularly for Wales, achieving consistency and longevity in one’s career is no small feat. T. Pearson, a talented Welsh three-quarter, has managed to do just that, with his twelve appearances spread over an astonishing twelve-year period. Pearson’s first appearance for Wales was against England in 1891, while his last was against Ireland in Limerick in 1893. It is rare for a player to be selected for an international team after an interval of six seasons, followed by a fairly long retirement from the game. Nevertheless, Pearson’s career has proven to be uniquely resilient. Bancroft,… Read Full Article

Rekindling the Memory of the Bard of Thomond and Appreciating His Literary Contributions

A passionate letter from Lughaíd, an avid admirer of the Bard of Thomond, Michael Hogan, draws attention to the neglected state of the poet’s grave in St. Laurence’s Cemetery, Limerick. Despite Hogan’s substantial efforts to honourLimerick’s history and culture through his enchanting poetry, his resting place remains unmarked and forgotten. Lughaíd appeals to Limerick’s citizens to acknowledge the talented poet and pay homage to his memory, defying the apparent indifference that seemingly prevails. The letter serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preserving the Bard of Thomond’s legacy and shedding light on the harsh reality of his life… Read Full Article

Chairman of Corofin District Council Shows Signs of Recovery

Mr Timothy Flanagan, a distinguished Justice of the Peace and Chairman of the Corofin District Council, who had unfortunately contracted typhoid fever during his incarceration under the Crimes Act in Limerick Male Prison, has exhibited promising signs of improvement in recent days. The circumstances surrounding Mr Flanagan’s case led to an official inquiry in the city, shedding light on the ordeal he has endured. Initially, he was transferred from the prison to the County Infirmary, where he received medical attention. Regrettably, while at the infirmary, he began displaying symptoms of mental distress, prompting his subsequent transfer to the Limerick District… Read Full Article

Financial Assistance Sought for Rathkeale’s Nationalist Memorial Cross

The recently unveiled Nationalist Memorial Cross, a striking addition to the landscape of Rathkeale, gracing the grounds of St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, is presently in need of financial support. Mr William Hayes, the treasurer entrusted with overseeing the funds, is earnestly calling upon all those who have pledged their contributions to honour their commitment by promptly sending in their donations. The significance of supporting this memorial cannot be overstated, as it stands as a testament to the values and heritage held dear by the community. Its existence is a source of pride and serves as a poignant symbol of remembrance.… Read Full Article

“Desperate Attempted Suicide in Limerick: Former Workhouse Inmate Survives Self-Inflicted Wounds”

A shocking accident occurred in Limerick on Sunday morning when a man named Thomas Noonan, aged 36, attempted to take his own life at a lodging house in Denmark Street. Noonan had been an inmate of the workhouse up until a few days prior to the incident. Noonan used an ordinary penknife to inflict no less than eleven wounds to his own throat, causing significant bleeding. A fellow lodger, named Fenton, noticed Noonan’s self-inflicted injuries and was quick to seek assistance. Thankfully, despite the severity of the wounds, they were not fatal. Thomas Noonan was placed under arrest, and depositions… Read Full Article

The Bard of Thomond: A Forgotten Son of Limerick

Michael Hogan, better known as the Bard of Thomond, was a self-taught genius whose passion for poetry and his city of Limerick knew no bounds. He raised himself from the obscurity of a poor, untutored laborer to a niche in the temple of the muses, not unworthy of a successor to the bards of the Dalcassian kings. His poetry immortalized the richness and beauty of the Limerick district, including the Clare Hills and Shannon Valley, the picturesque ruins of castles and abbeys, and the subtle power of Limerick to draw scattered children back to their heritage. Unfortunately, his talents were… Read Full Article

Letter Theft Investigation Unfolds in Limerick

Limerick authorities have been diligently conducting an investigation into a series of letter theft cases that have afflicted various local businesses over an extended period. On a recent Monday, two young individuals found themselves in custody, charged with the pilfering of letters from the receiver of Messrs. Spillane, a widely recognized tobacco manufacturer. Among the pilfered correspondence, one contained a cheque valued at £19, while another cheque bore the unfortunate mark of half-destruction. As the investigation unfolds, it is becoming increasingly evident that this may not be an isolated incident. Law enforcement has hinted at the likelihood of further arrests… Read Full Article

Mysterious Vessel Wreck in Shannon Estuary: Confusion and Uncertainty Surround Incident

Limerick, Sunday – Initial reports claiming that a vessel belonging to the Limerick Steamship Company had foundered in the Shannon turned out to be incorrect upon further investigation. However, it is confirmed that a wreck indeed took place. On Friday, a small steam vessel carrying bricks entered the Shannon under distress due to adverse weather. Subsequently, the vessel ran aground on the dangerous Beal bar, which is known for its treacherous jagged rocks. On Saturday morning, the vessel managed to float off the bar with the help of the high tide and began steaming upriver. It is believed that upon… Read Full Article

Baffling Incident in Limerick: Workhouse Messenger Found with Multiple Throat Wounds

In Limerick, on Sunday, a peculiar occurrence unfolded, leaving the local population significantly alarmed. Thomas Noonan, a 36-year-old workhouse messenger, was discovered in his lodgings on Denmark Street, displaying a troubling sight. He was found with eleven wounds around his throat, which appeared to be inflicted by a penknife. The incident has raised numerous concerns and unanswered questions within the community. The motivations behind such an act of violence, whether self-inflicted or perpetrated by another individual, remain unclear. Moreover, the presence of so many wounds might suggest a sustained attack or struggle, which could indicate deeper issues or intent at… Read Full Article

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