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1902 Archives | Page 2 of 44 | Limerick Gazette Archives

Disruption Erupts at Lipton’s Establishment in Limerick

Limerick – The tranquillity of George’s Street was briefly disrupted by an unfortunate incident at Lipton’s establishment. What transpired was a regrettable turn of events that began with a simple request, leading to damage, arrests, and a tumultuous situation. It all began when a man, seeking tea and sugar for… Read More

Haystack Blaze on Christmas Morning Under Investigation

Limerick, Saturday – In the early hours of Christmas morning, an unfortunate incident unfolded in the peaceful town of Limerick. Mr P. Mulcahy, a prominent figure within the community, faced a disheartening ordeal as a substantial stack of hay on his property succumbed to an unexpected blaze. The incident occurred… Read More

Abbeyfeale’s Successful Closure of Defence Fund Collection

The town of Abbeyfeale, nestled in the picturesque region of Limerick, concluded its Defence Fund collection on St. Stephen’s Day with an outstanding achievement, amassing a total sum of £55 5s. This notable accomplishment was preceded by the town’s dutiful remittance of their annual contribution of £35 to the Parliamentary… Read More

Limerick City: A Hub of Cultural, Athletic, and Charitable Endeavours

In the vibrant city of Limerick, recent events offer enriching experiences for its residents, ranging from educational lectures to sports competitions and charity concerts. The engaging talks on various subjects, including the comparison of exhibitions in Cork and Dusseldorf, as well as the theme of “Home,” reflect the city’s cultural… Read More