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1902 Archives | Page 3 of 44 | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Plans “Colleen Bawn” Fete to Support St. John’s Hospital; Fuel Fund Distributes Coal for Christmas; Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Established; London-Irish Footballers Visit

The city of Limerick is preparing for various events and initiatives to support and uplift the community. Among these efforts is the “Colleen Bawn” Fete, which will raise funds for the debt-laden St. John’s Hospital next summer. Additionally, the Fuel Fund is distributing coal to provide warmth to those in… Read More

New Caretaker Assumes Responsibilities at Limerick Cemetery

In a quaint corner of Limerick, a change in guardianship has recently taken place at a local graveyard. The newly appointed caretaker has assumed the role, taking over from his predecessor, whose marital history has become the subject of local intrigue. The previous custodian of the Limerick graveyard had been… Read More

Five Men Feared Drowned in Boating Disaster near Tarbert

A boating disaster has occurred in Tarbert, sparking fears that the captain, mate, chief engineer, and two seamen of the Falmouth tug Columbia have drowned. The boat they were using to reach their vessel has washed ashore approximately three miles from Kilrush in a capsized state, with no sign of… Read More