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1903 – Limerick Archives

A Remarkable Journey: From Carpenter to Supreme Court Justice – The Inspiring Story of Mr Justice Real

Queensland, Australia – Mr Justice Real, a distinguished member of the Supreme Court of Queensland, has been granted a well-deserved leave of absence due to health reasons. His life’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary and certainly merits inclusion in any new edition of “Self-Help.” Born in Limerick, Ireland, 53 years ago, Justice Real faced numerous challenges and overcame great odds to achieve his current esteemed position in the legal system. As a child, Justice Real’s life took a significant turn when his parents made the courageous decision to emigrate to Australia. Arriving in a new land, he was an… Read Full Article


A somber continuation of a past Limerick robbery emerged at the City Police Court yesterday morning. James Keane, a young man, found himself facing charges brought by District Inspector O’Hara. He was accused of involvement in a larceny that transpired in the city back in 1903. The incident revolved around a robbery that targeted the home of an elderly woman named Agnes Bourke. She ran a modest stationery shop on Charlotte’s Quay. During the unfortunate event that occurred in December of that year, a total of £62 was stolen, which essentially constituted the majority of the woman’s belongings. Upon receiving… Read Full Article


A joint meeting of the City and County Executives of the United Irish League was held at the Town Hall with Reverend Father Casey presiding. The meeting saw the attendance of various delegates representing different areas, and discussions were centered around the sale of the Caherconlish Estate and the concerns regarding untenanted lands. Correspondence from the National Directory was read, highlighting the issues related to taking lands on the eleven months system and the conditions surrounding untenanted lands. The delegates expressed their apprehensions about tenancies created after 1903, as they believed these lands might not be eligible for purchase, except… Read Full Article

“Limerick Court Case Involving Jew and Christian Adjourned Amid Tensions and Exaggerations”

In a case heard at the Limerick Quarter Sessions, Judge Adams presided over a dispute between Max J Blond, a Jew, and James Rahilly. Blond claimed that Rahilly owed him £1 3s 2d for goods sold and delivered over the past six years. Rahilly’s defence was that he had no dealings with Blond and that any goods supplied were done so to his wife without his knowledge while he was in South Africa. The case had been partially heard before, and an interesting correspondence was presented. Blond testified that there was a balance of £1 14s 6d owed by Mrs… Read Full Article

Passing of the Marquis of Sligo: A Gentleman of Many Facets

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of the Marquis of Sligo, which occurred on the morning of the previous day in Westport, County Mayo. The Marquis, a man of distinction, had reached the venerable age of sixty-one. The late Marquis, who held the esteemed position as the fourth in his line, ascended to the title following the passing of his brother in a year that is not disclosed in the available information. His life’s journey encompassed a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. Notably, he embarked on a career in the Royal Navy in the year… Read Full Article

Miss Gipsy Grime Expresses Gratitude for £3 Donation Amidst Tragic Circumstances

In the midst of her distressing circumstances, Miss Gipsy Grime, the granddaughter of the late Dean of Limerick, has expressed her deep gratitude to the members of the public who generously contributed to her cause. After her recent appearance at Bow Street Police Court, where she faced charges of attempting to take her own life, Miss Grime had been rumored to have received significant sums of money from sympathetic individuals who had read about her plight. However, she has clarified that the only financial support she has received thus far is a modest cheque amounting to £3 2s. 6d., issued… Read Full Article

Disgraceful Postal Arrangements In West Limerick

Abbeyfeale, Saturday – Complaints about the disgraceful postal arrangements in Abbeyfeale and particularly the poor delivery service have been heard on all sides. The failure of the postal system to operate efficiently has caused frustration and inconvenience for the past week. Since the 31st of last month, there have been significant delays in mail being delivered, with some items arriving as late as the 23rd of this month. Residents and businesses in Abbeyfeale and Listowel are particularly affected by these unacceptable postal delays. It would be impossible to enumerate all the problems that have arisen from the delay, but one… Read Full Article

In Castleisland Petty Sessions: Rail Company’s Prosecution for Obstruction

At the recent session of the Castleisland Petty Sessions, a case of obstruction brought forth by the Great Southern and Western Railway Company unfolded, with Mr J. Mangan acting as the legal representative for the complainants. The proceedings centred around events that transpired on a fateful day, the precise date of which remains undisclosed, but are reported to have occurred in the year prior. The central figure in this case, Mr John Buckley, stood accused of obstruction and was called to answer for his actions on that unspecified date. The railway porter, Mr Maurice Sheehan, provided a detailed account of… Read Full Article

Christmas In Abbeyfeale – A Nostalgic Homecoming

Abbeyfeale, Saturday – The spirit of Christmas joy and merriment permeated the air in Abbeyfeale, as locals and distant friends gathered to celebrate the festive season. Many individuals, long separated by distance, returned to their roots to relive the cherished memories and reunite with loved ones in the familiar embrace of their childhood homes. Among the returning faces was Mr Tom Dennis, a talented musician who had once directed the fledgling Abbeyfeale and Listowel bands. Although his professional baton now conducts in a loftier position elsewhere, he couldn’t resist the allure of his childhood home and the nostalgia it held.… Read Full Article

Purchase Price Of Limerick And Kerry Railway Settled

In a significant financial development, the Kerry County Council has received a payment of £33,654 3s 1d from the National Bank. This sum represents the portion of the purchase price for the Limerick and Kerry Railway, which was agreed upon as part of the considerations for the charges paid by the guaranteeing baronies. The payment has been credited to the Kerry County Council’s account. Out of the total amount received, £4,500 has already been utilized to reduce the rates. This leaves a remaining balance of slightly over £29,000, which is to the credit of the ratepayers in the guaranteeing baronies.… Read Full Article

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