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1904 – Limerick Archives

Joy And Nostalgia At Limerick Postal Reunion

The atmosphere at St. Ita’s House on St. Stephen’s Night was one of joy and nostalgia as the Postal and Telegraph staff of Limerick came together for a long-awaited reunion. The evening was filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and a sense of camaraderie that only comes from shared experiences. Amidst the merriment, the staff members engaged in spirited singing and dancing, reminiscing about old times and creating new memories. As the night progressed, a special moment arose when a toast was raised to Mr Spraggon, the Postmaster, in appreciation of his leadership and dedication. The reunion was meticulously organized, thanks… Read Full Article

Bruree Successful Coursing Event

Bruree experienced a thrilling spectacle as a huge crowd converged for a coursing event that showcased the impressive skills of the participating dogs. The star of the show was undoubtedly Mr John Gubbins’s Stormy Petrel, whose exceptional performance left spectators in awe. Another highlight was Mr Fleming’s dog, Menig, who clinched a well-deserved victory. However, the day’s only drawback was the difficulty in managing the exuberant bystanders. Their excitement and eagerness to witness the coursing action added to the challenge of keeping everything in order. Despite this, the event’s overall success and the mesmerizing displays by the canines made it… Read Full Article

Limerick Races Attract Remarkable Crowd

The Limerick Races held recently drew a remarkable crowd, and the day proved to be perfect for racing enthusiasts. However, the excitement didn’t stop there, as unexpected long shots dominated the races, causing astonishment among the bettors. Credit for the event’s smooth functioning goes to Mr J. Kenny, whose meticulous organization ensured a seamless experience for all attendees. The catering arrangements, managed by Mr Fitzpatrick of William Street, received high praise, leaving no complaints about the delightful spread offered. It was a day of joy, surprises, and camaraderie, making the Limerick Races an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Dublin Evening… Read Full Article

Limerick Resident Faces Consequences for Disruptive Conduct in Tiverton

A resident of Limerick, Mary Sullivan, recently confronted a challenging situation when she appeared before the Mayor in Tiverton. Her presence before the local authority stemmed from her disorderly behaviour in the vicinity of Lowman Green. Though geographically distant from her Irish homeland, the repercussions of her actions were unequivocal. The court, acting decisively, determined that a punitive measure was necessary to instil a sense of public order and respect for the community. As a result, a sentence of fourteen days was imposed, with the intention of providing a valuable lesson. News of this sentence quickly disseminated throughout Limerick. Some… Read Full Article

Limerick Man’s Escape By Knotted Blankets: Outrage In North Wales

An extraordinary incident of robbery with violence has been reported from Abergele (Image), North Wales. The incident occurred near Llanfairtalhaiarn, where Mr Robert William Wynne resides alone in a large mansion surrounded by its own grounds. On Tuesday, between four and five o’clock, Mr Wynne went outside and noticed birds flying about in a way that suggested a prowler was present. He decided to keep watch and was about to conceal himself in the boiler house at the rear of the mansion when suddenly, a strange man appeared. Mr Wynne confronted the intruder, but without a word, the man attacked… Read Full Article

Limerick Mourns the Loss of Promising Young Man

On Christmas Eve, the town of Templeglantine bid farewell to Mr Daniel Sweeney, a young and promising individual whose life was tragically cut short. Mr Sweeney, who had been managing a vital department at Messrs. Cannock and Co.’s establishment in Limerick, succumbed to a debilitating illness that he had contracted. His untimely passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him. Before his tenure in Limerick, Mr Sweeney had distinguished himself as a capable and admired manager while working for Mr W. D. O’Connor in Abbeyfeale. Known for his gentle and sociable nature, he earned the… Read Full Article

Lottery Prosecution at Limerick Petty Sessions

In a recent Limerick Petty Sessions, Duncan Millar, the proprietor of a bazaar located at Bedford Row, faced prosecution by District Inspector O’Hara for conducting a lottery on the premises. The lottery involved the sale of tickets for one penny each, with the chance for participants to win various useful articles through a draw. Professor Tinsley provided entertainment with sing-songs and dances at intervals during the event. The matter came to the attention of Constables Cottrell and Taheny, who were part of the plain-clothes staff. They brought the issue to the authorities notice, leading Mr Millar to give the undertaking… Read Full Article

Death of Mr Edward Graham: A Loss Mourned by Friends and Colleagues

The news of Mr Edward Graham’s untimely death has saddened the hearts of his many friends and colleagues. He passed away at his residence in Dublin after a brief illness, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and expertise in the brewing department of Messrs Guinness and Co. At the age of only 34, Mr Graham hailed from Caherdavin, Limerick. His education began at the Christian Brothers’ Schools and the Sacred Heart College in his hometown. Later, he pursued further studies at Queen’s College, Belfast, specializing in chemistry and related subjects with the aim of becoming a qualified brewer. His career… Read Full Article

High Sheriff Hosts Dinner for Limerick Journalists’ Association

Limerick, Ireland – On Tuesday evening, a delightful dinner was hosted by the High Sheriff, Mr James Flynn, at the renowned Shanahan’s Hotel, in honor of the Limerick Journalists’ Association. The gathering was organized to celebrate the establishment of the association during Mr Flynn’s tenure as High Sheriff. The dinner was served with exceptional finesse, and the atmosphere was brimming with camaraderie and cheerfulness. Mr Flynn, in a felicitous speech, raised a toast to the Association, expressing his admiration for the journalists’ dedication to their profession and their valuable contributions to the community. Unfortunately, the Association’s President was absent from… Read Full Article

Letter from Limerick: County Infirmary, Municipal Elections, and an Exile’s Dilemma

Limerick, Friday Night – As the season of peace and goodwill approaches, it is regrettable that Mr James Ellis Goodbody, J.P., has brought forward matters of contention concerning the County Infirmary. While I refrain from delving into the details at this moment, as they will be addressed at the next committee meeting, there is one matter that requires immediate attention. During his lengthy statement at the last meeting, Mr Goodbody claimed to have secured the attendance of the Press to ensure the widest publicity for his remarks. However, the fact is that he only notified one local newspaper, which happens… Read Full Article

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