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1905 – Limerick Archives

Limerick SPCA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Limerick branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was held on Saturday afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce. Mr E J Long, City High Sheriff, presided, and there was a large attendance. Mr Austin Hall, Hon Sec, read the report as follows: The report was unanimously adopted. Mr A Caulfield moved that collecting cards be printed and issued to the members, with the object of adding to the funds of the association. Mr Courtenay Croker seconded the proposition, which was agreed to. Mr Croker moved the re-election of the Earl… Read Full Article

Tragic Incidents Cast Shadow Over Christmas Celebrations in Co. Limerick

Heartbreaking accidents marred the festive spirit in Co. Limerick as two respected members of the community lost their lives in separate incidents on Saturday night. The unfortunate events have cast a somber shadow over the Christmas celebrations in the region. In the first incident, Mrs. O’Sullivan, a farmer’s wife from Tournafulla, met a tragic fate. Having spent the evening engaged in Christmas shopping in Abbeyfeale, she was returning home by horse-drawn carriage. The darkness of the passage leading to her residence proved to be a fatal obstacle as the carriage overturned, inflicting severe injuries upon her. Despite efforts to save… Read Full Article

Lord Dunraven Addresses Crowd in Limerick, Refutes Allegations

Lord Dunraven took to the podium in Limerick last night to address a gathering, vehemently denying allegations made against him by Mr Dillon. In response to Mr Dillon’s claims that he was connected with an attempt to gain control of the Freeman’s Journal and secure 18 Nationalist seats, Lord Dunraven categorically denied any involvement in such endeavours. Speaking to the crowd, Lord Dunraven clarified his position on various matters. He expressed his belief that the current period presented significant consequences due to changes in the political landscape. Having closely interacted with Mr Forster in Ireland, Lord Dunraven gained firsthand experience… Read Full Article

Lord Dunraven Refutes Allegations in Limerick

Lord Dunraven, the Lord President of the Irish Association, addressed a gathering in Limerick last night and vehemently denied assertions made by Mr Dillon. Lord Dunraven refuted claims that he had been involved in any endeavour to acquire control over the Freeman’s Journal or to secure 18 Nationalist seats. In his speech, Lord Dunraven clarified his stance on various issues. He clarified that he had never made statements suggesting that prices were not high under the last Land Act, countering any potential misconceptions. He acknowledged the allure of Irish independence for some, but expressed the view that its feasibility remained… Read Full Article

Lord Dunraven Addresses Limerick Audience on Irish Devolution

Lord Dunraven delivered an impactful speech last night in Limerick, where he tackled the issue of Irish devolution. Addressing a gathered audience, Lord Dunraven expressed optimism regarding the current governmental disposition toward Ireland. He emphasized the willingness of the government to extend assistance to the Irish populace and urged them to reciprocate by actively supporting government initiatives. Lord Dunraven’s remarks shed light on the evolving political landscape and the potential for collaborative efforts between the Irish people and the government. The discussion on Irish devolution continues to be a pertinent topic of national discourse. Guernsey Evening Press and Star – Thursday 21… Read Full Article

Munster Winter Assizes – The Ardfert Tragedy – Trial of Accused

The Munster Winter Assizes resumed with the trial of Patrick O’Riordan and Thomas Driscoll for the murder of Elizabeth O’Riordan, the wife of Patrick O’Riordan. The trial was presided over by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord O’Brien of Kilfenora. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge of wilfully and maliciously killing and murdering Elizabeth O’Riordan. The prosecution was led by Mr J. H. Campbell, K.C., the Attorney-General, along with Mr R. M. Hennessy, K.C., and Mr Cullinane, B.L. The defendants were represented by Mr P. Lynch, B.L., and Mr McElligott, B.L. Mr Campbell began by stating that on August… Read Full Article

Arrest Near Brosna – Exciting Encounter with a Prisoner

In a recent incident near Brosna, an exciting encounter took place between two police constables and a young man named Michael Galvin during his arrest. The confrontation occurred around 5 o’clock in the morning at a location on the borders of Kerry, Cork, and Limerick. The police, Constables Golden and O’Neill, had three warrants against Galvin, who had managed to evade arrest for some time. As they approached the house where Galvin was sleeping, a barking dog warned of their arrival. Galvin, only partially dressed, quickly rushed out of the house as the police approached. A chase ensued, with Galvin… Read Full Article

Honoring a Clergyman – Father James B. O’Reardon’s Silver Jubilee

Rev. Father James B. O’Reardon, Rector of Saint Joseph’s Mission in Ramsbottom, recently celebrated his silver jubilee in the priesthood. A member of a well-known County Limerick family, he entered the priesthood in August 1880. Although the anniversary month passed quietly, preparations were underway for presenting Father O’Reardon with valuable gifts from his parishioners and admirers. The esteem in which Father O’Reardon is held was evident in the enthusiastic support from various local groups for the fund dedicated to his honor. His unassuming and amiable nature, combined with his dedicated parish work and contributions to the church, earned him widespread… Read Full Article

Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898 – Notice of Land Acquisition by Limerick County Council

Under the provisions of the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, Limerick County Council has initiated a process to acquire land for the purpose of repairing and opening an existing roadway for public use. The lands to be acquired are located in the townland of Foxhall West, within the Kilmallock Rural District. The County Council intends to pursue this acquisition through a petition to the Judge of Assize during the upcoming Spring Assizes, in accordance with Section 10 of the aforementioned Act. The Council seeks an Order that would grant them the authority to utilize the powers outlined in the Lands… Read Full Article

Glin District School Tenders for Rags And Other Old Clothing

The Board of Management of Glin District School will convene for a meeting on Tuesday, the 19th of this month, where they will review and evaluate tenders for the purchase of old rags and rejected clothing. Interested parties wishing to submit tenders must ensure that they are endorsed with “Old Clothing.” Tenders can be submitted to John Conway, the Clerk of the Union, until 12 o’clock noon on the specified day. The announcement also includes information about the Limerick Urban Sanitary Authority. Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 December 1905

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