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1907 – Limerick Archives

Unraveling Historical Claims: Accusations of Inaccuracy in Irish Conversion Tale and The Spectator’s “Irish Marauder” Narrative

In a recent exchange of letters to The Tablet, a Catholic newspaper, and The Spectator, an accusation of inaccuracy has taken center stage, challenging the reliability of historical claims regarding religious conversions in Ireland. The debate began when a correspondent, John Frimland of the Catholic Presbytery in Bedford, questioned the metaphorical nature of a phrase found in the words of institution, “Hoc Ithaohat Pagri,” translating to “This is My Body,” and expressed skepticism about the understanding of this metaphor by the Jewish community. However, the primary focus of this historical discourse took a turn when another correspondent, self-identified as “A… Read Full Article

Unprecedented Winter Chaos Sweeps Across Ireland: Gales, Snow, and Devastating Floods

In a relentless assault of winter’s fury, Ireland finds itself in the grip of an extraordinary weather phenomenon, with gales, biting east winds, and widespread snow wreaking havoc across the nation. The Saturday edition of The Standard reports a series of wrecks along the coast, with the biting east wind and floods in the south of Ireland creating a perilous and challenging situation for residents and authorities alike. The current winter season has proven to be exceptionally harsh, defying conventional expectations and marking its intensity with mathematical precision. Christmas festivities are shrouded in an unusual blend of gales and snowstorms,… Read Full Article

Unprecedented Flooding Ravages Southern Ireland as Relentless Rain and Gales Wreak Havoc

In a deluge of biblical proportions, heavy rainfall has pounded the southern regions of Ireland, leaving vast expanses of land submerged and communities grappling with the most severe floods witnessed in the past three decades. The onslaught, which began on Wednesday and persisted through Thursday, shows no signs of abating, casting a pall of uncertainty over the affected areas. The southern city of Cork is bearing the brunt of the catastrophe, with floodwaters reaching alarming levels. The Cork, Bandon, and South Coast Railway line, a critical transportation artery, has succumbed to the rising waters at multiple points, posing a significant… Read Full Article

Bishop O’Dwyer Emphasizes Purpose of Education at Laurel Hill Convent Prize Distribution

In a compelling address at the prize distribution ceremony in Laurel Hill Convent, The Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, delivered a thought-provoking discourse on the true purpose of education. Speaking passionately, he asserted that schools were not merely institutions to impart practical skills for future professions but, fundamentally, to cultivate and discipline the faculties of young minds. Bishop O’Dwyer began by challenging the notion that schools should focus on teaching specific trades to children. He stressed that the primary goal was to train and refine their cognitive abilities so that, irrespective of their future roles, they could contribute… Read Full Article


Sir, In his recent speech at Aberdeen, Mr Asquith vehemently rejected any comparisons between the current state of Ireland and its condition when “honeycombed with secret societies” and rampant violence. While I concur that the present movement has yet to reach the levels of historical turmoil, recent incidents, such as the shooting of Mrs. White in Galway and the horrifying roasting of Mr Dove’s 13 horses in Westmeath on December 1, suggest that the spirit of unrest persists. It is essential to acknowledge that, unlike the past, the current movement has not been marred by widespread violence, and cases of… Read Full Article


In a disconcerting reflection of the prevailing unrest in Ireland, the Connaught Winter Assizes unfolded with an unsettling case that epitomized the alarming state of affairs. On Tuesday, before the discerning gaze of High Justice Andrews, the courtroom bore witness to the sentencing of Thomas O’Shea. Convicted of the grave charge of shooting with intent to disable Henry Waller, the son of the Protestant Rector of Kerry, O’Shea was handed a stern penalty — fifteen months’ imprisonment with hard labor, effective from September 15th, for the unexpired duration of his sentence. Despite the jury’s recommendation for mercy, the sentence reflected… Read Full Article

In Memoriam: Reverend William J. Koren, S.J. – A Guiding Light in Education and Service

Limerick, a city steeped in history, is draped in the somber veil of mourning as the venerable halls of Mungret College grapple with the departure of a beloved figure, Reverend William J. Koren, S.J. Succumbing to apoplexy, he drew his final breath in the embrace of his eighty-third year, leaving behind a void keenly felt by those who held him in high esteem. Reverend Koren’s journey was shaped by the nurturing embrace of Maynooth’s educational bastion. Choosing a path of service, he joined the esteemed Lenart Order, a decision that would pave the way for a life dedicated to the… Read Full Article

Thrilling Pursuit Unfolds as Limerick Hunt Faces Seasoned Fox

In a riveting display of skill and endurance, members of the Limerick Hunt gathered at Bruree for an exhilarating chase, their sights set on a cunning fox discovered in Mr Browning’s covert. The pursuit unfolded with the fox leading the eager hunters through a maze of roads and fields, where each twist and turn presented both challenges and triumphs for the determined participants. The seasoned fox, displaying remarkable intelligence, deftly navigated the varied terrain, keeping the hunters on their toes. The chase took an unexpected turn when the elusive fox sought refuge in a sewer, adding a new layer of… Read Full Article

“Bishop of Limerick Champions Industrial Growth as a Solution to Emigration Woes”

In a compelling address at the third annual meeting of the Irish Industrial Conference in Limerick, the Bishop of Limerick emerged as a fervent advocate for promoting industries in Ireland as a strategic solution to combat the longstanding issue of emigration. The conference, chaired by Lord Dunraven, became a platform for the Bishop to express his unwavering support for movements aimed at bolstering the country’s industrial sector. Drawing attention to the critical challenges posed by emigration, the Bishop aligned his stance with Lord Dunraven’s sentiments, emphasizing the pivotal role that industrial growth could play in stemming the population decline caused… Read Full Article

“Malicious Wounding Trial Takes a Turn at Limerick Assizes: Defendant Claims Favoritism on the Bench”

In a dramatic turn of events at the Limerick Assizes, three men found themselves on trial for the alleged malicious wounding of a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary. The proceedings, held yesterday, unfolded with a startling revelation as one of the accused, while in custody, reportedly declared his relief that the victim was not a fellow countryman. A key witness testified to the courtroom, recounting the accused man’s statement made during custody: “It is no crime I am going for, only for murdering a policeman; thank God, it was not a countryman I beat. It will only be a… Read Full Article

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