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1908 – Limerick Archives

THE LANGUAGE CAMPAIGN: Nurturing the Roots of Irish Culture at the New University

A resurgence of interest is sweeping through Limerick as a spirited debate unfolds regarding the inclusion of the Irish language in the curriculum of the upcoming university. Spearheaded by the Gaelic League, proponents passionately argue for Irish to be made a compulsory subject, even advocating for a proficiency requirement for matriculation. However, opponents contend that such a mandate could potentially exclude Catholics lacking Irish language skills from accessing the educational opportunities offered by the new institution. At the heart of this linguistic campaign lies a broader aspiration: to elevate Irish to a status of equality with English as a means… Read Full Article

“Prominent Limerick Figure and Philanthropist, Sir Thomas H. Cleeve, Passes Away at 64, Leaving a Lasting Legacy”

Sir Thomas H. Cleeve, a prominent figure in Limerick, passed away on Saturday at the age of 64. Born in Canada to Mr Edward Elmes Cleeve, he became a respected magistrate, deputy lieutenant, and high sheriff of the city. Sir Thomas played a pivotal role in various aspects of Limerick’s civic life. His connection with Limerick began in his boyhood when he moved to the city. Over the years, Sir Thomas contributed significantly to the development and promotion of industries in the region. He held a key position as the principal of the Irish Condensed Milk Company, overseeing creamery establishments… Read Full Article

Limerick Mourns the Passing of Sir Thomas Henry – A Legacy of Service and Leadership

Limerick, Ireland — The city of Limerick is draped in a somber ambiance as it grapples with the news of the demise of Sir Thomas Henry, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 64. His departure leaves a void not only in the hearts of his family but also in the broader community that benefited from his unwavering dedication and leadership. Sir Thomas Henry, a distinguished magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant, had a multifaceted impact on the city he called home. Born in Quebec, Canada, he transitioned to Limerick during his youth and became an integral part of its social… Read Full Article

Passing of Sir Thomas Henry Cleeve Mourned in Limerick

Limerick, Ireland — The city of Limerick is draped in a veil of mourning as news circulates of the passing of Sir Henry Cleeve at the age of sixty-four. The demise of this esteemed figure has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him, and the community reflects on the legacy of a man whose influence reached far and wide. Sir Henry Cleeve’s life was a tapestry woven with threads of dedication, service, and accomplishment. Born into a world that would eventually witness profound changes, he navigated the complexities of his era with grace and resilience. As… Read Full Article

Tragic Accident Claims Life of Esteemed Limerick Hunt Member

Limerick, Ireland — In a somber turn of events, the local community mourns the loss of Mr James Bennett, a revered member of the Co. Limerick Hunt, following a fatal accident during a stag hunt near Knockany on Tuesday. The unfortunate incident unfolded when Mr Bennett was accidentally thrown from his horse, resulting in instantaneous and tragic consequences. The report received in Limerick yesterday painted a poignant picture of the events that transpired during what should have been a routine and exhilarating pursuit. Mr Bennett, a respected and beloved figure in sporting and social circles, met his untimely end while… Read Full Article

Tragedy Strikes: Accused Chef Takes Own Life in Clonmel Prison

In a somber turn of events, a foreigner identified as Steiner, once a chef at the Railway Hotel in Limerick Junction, has taken his own life while awaiting trial in Clonmel Prison. The accused was facing charges related to the murder of a young country boy employed in the same hotel’s kitchen. The shocking incident unfolded as Steiner ended his life by hanging himself with a handkerchief in his prison cell. Steiner’s journey from a bustling hotel kitchen to the confines of a prison cell has left a community grappling with questions about the events leading up to this tragic… Read Full Article

Unexpected Windfall Uncovered in Limerick: Hawker’s Hidden Hoard Revealed

In a twist of fate that could be straight from the pages of a novel, Mary Braddell, a 66-year-old orange hawker in Limerick, found herself in the spotlight when an unexpected and substantial hoard of £200 in silver was discovered in her humble abode. The revelation has added a layer of intrigue to the life of a woman who, until recently, was known for her unassuming presence in the community. Mary Braddell’s story took an unexpected turn when she fell ill a few days ago and was admitted to the Limerick Workhouse Hospital. Little did anyone suspect that her modest… Read Full Article

Limerick Embraces the Tobacco Renaissance: Lord Dunraven’s Vision for Prosperity

In a bold and visionary move, Lord Dunraven, a staunch friend of Ireland, has embarked on an intriguing experiment that could reshape the economic landscape of Limerick. His venture involves the cultivation of tobacco at Adare, and the success of this endeavour holds the promise of establishing a thriving tobacco industry in the heart of Ireland. If Lord Dunraven’s hopes materialize, a tobacco factory may soon grace the city of Limerick, signaling the potential for a new era of economic prosperity. The experiment is not merely a horticultural venture but a strategic move to tap into Ireland’s agricultural potential. Lord… Read Full Article

The Untold Story of Irish Ireland: A Civilization Undone

In the annals of history, Ireland’s rich tapestry of culture and civilization often goes overlooked, eclipsed by narratives of conquest and suppression. However, a groundbreaking work by Mrs. J. R. Green, widow of the renowned author of “A History of the English People,” seeks to unearth the forgotten chapters of Ireland’s past. Titled “The Making of Ireland and its Undoing,” this compelling narrative challenges prevailing perceptions and sheds light on the vibrant civilization that existed before Tudor conquests reshaped the destiny of the Emerald Isle. The story begins with an old Irish proverb that encapsulates the essence of a people… Read Full Article

Justice Served: Cattle-Drivers Face Sentences in Connaught

In a decisive move during the Connaught Winter Assizes, Mr Justice Kenny took charge of the proceedings, addressing a significant number of cases involving individuals from Roscommon, Sligo, Galway, Clare, and Limerick. The charges ranged from unlawful assembly and rioting to cattle driving and wounding, reflecting a variety of offences that had disrupted the peace in the region. Among the accused were individuals with notable positions in their communities, including some who held roles as district councillors. Mr Justice Kenny, in a stern and unwavering manner, acknowledged the gravity of the situation in which the accused found themselves. He imposed… Read Full Article

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