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1913 Archives | Limerick Gazette Archives


In the annals of Irish history, the city of Limerick stands as a testament to resilience and sacrifice, particularly during a pivotal moment of its past – a siege that unfolded with unexpected ferocity. The breach in the town’s defences marked a critical juncture where Irish forces, led by the… Read More

Limerick Agricultural Scene Sees a Rise in Women Cooperative Farmers

In a recent issue of The Lady of the House, the spotlight turned to the noteworthy endeavours of Miss M. Emerson and Miss Frances Trayner, igniting contemplation on the potential replication of their success by women residing in Ireland. The focus leans towards the co-operative approach, a strategy that could… Read More

Motor Collision Sparks Legal Action in Limerick – Kearney v. McNamara

In a legal proceeding today at the King’s Bench Division before Mr Justice Boyd, the spotlight turned to a motor collision involving a lady cyclist and a doctor, Dr McNamara, hailing from Springfield, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. The case, Kearney v. McNamara, unfolded as Mr T. Sullivan, representing Dr McNamara, sought… Read More

“Isaac Butt: The Forgotten Patriot of Limerick’s Past”

Limerick, Ireland – In a recent lecture held by the National Literary Society, the life of Isaac Butt, an Irish patriot, was revisited, shedding light on the man’s intricate journey from his birth in 1813 in Co. Donegal, to his role as a prominent figure in Irish politics. The lecture,… Read More

Limerick Corporation Debates Legality of Salary Increase

In a pivotal session on Thursday night, the Limerick Corporation found itself embroiled in a heated debate over the legality of a proposed salary increase for Mr Fitzgerald, the Gas Committee secretary. The crux of the matter revolved around whether the Gas Committee members were justified in approving a £25… Read More

Limerick City Exemplifies Peace Amidst Connaught Winter Assizes

The Connaught Winter Assizes drew to a close this evening with a record-low calendar, boasting approximately 28 cases, few of which could be deemed of a serious nature. The proceedings were marked by the Lord Chief Baron’s singular judicial regret, focusing on the conditions prevailing in the West and the… Read More

Limerick Contemplates National Volunteer Movement

In recent days, a notable development has emerged in Limerick, as a proactive initiative to establish the National Volunteer movement gains momentum. Spearheading this effort is Mr O’Shaughnessy, a dedicated and patriotic individual deeply intertwined with both the industrial and political fabric of the city. Mr O’Shaughnessy has taken on… Read More

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