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1914 Archives | Limerick Gazette Archives

Irish Brigade Seeks Recruits Amidst Crisis

Captain Lorne Roche, of the 14th Battalion, Royal Munster Fusiliers, has penned a letter detailing the ongoing recruitment efforts amidst the current crisis. In his missive, he highlights the surge in enlistments, with both veterans and fresh faces eager to join the ranks of the Irish Brigade over the Christmas… Read More

“Limerick’s Historic Gathering Marks Milestone in Irish History”

In a historic assembly that reverberated with the echoes of Ireland’s past struggles and the promise of its future, the city of Limerick became the epicentre of a momentous occasion. A gathering of unprecedented proportions, it showcased the unity and determination of the Irish people in their pursuit of self-governance.… Read More

“Belgian Refugees Find Shelter in Limerick”

A group of twenty-four Belgian refugees arrived in Limerick last night via the 3 p.m. train from Dublin. They were warmly received at the station by members of the local committee and promptly escorted to Mount Kennett House on Henry Street, where accommodation has been prepared for their stay. The… Read More

Funeral of Mr J. Ellis Goodbody in Limerick

The funeral of the late Mr J. Ellis Goodbody took place on Monday from Thornhill, his residence in Limerick, to Clara in King’s County, where the interment followed on Tuesday in the Friends’ Burial Ground. A substantial gathering of citizens from various backgrounds and beliefs joined the funeral procession to… Read More

German Ship Seized at Limerick

In a legal proceeding at the Admiralty Court today, before Mr Justice Boyd, a case involving the German ship Terpsichore, seized at Limerick during the outbreak of the war, was addressed. Mr Ronan, K.C., representing the King’s Advocate General, alongside Mr James Rearden, applied for the release of the vessel.… Read More

“Grand Review of National Volunteers in Limerick”

Limerick gears up for a grand spectacle as the National Volunteers prepare for their upcoming grand review, set to take place next Sunday. With an estimated 20,000 volunteers expected to participate, anticipation is running high for this significant event. Reports flooding in from various corps across the region suggest a… Read More

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