Limerick Rises with National Pride: Politics, Culture, and Sports Propel City’s Progress

Limerick Nationalists celebrate the release of Castleclare prisoners with a brass band demonstration despite intimidation warnings from the police. County council elections in Croom, Glynn, and Castleconnell divisions of Limerick pitted Nationalists against Tories, with a possibility of Nationalist division. A speech by Father Kavanagh on Ireland’s potential and unity amongst its organizations aims to rouse Limerick’s people to support their country. St. Ita’s House celebrated the end of its first half-year of work, which has received high praise for its utility. Limerick Amateur Athletic and Bicycle Club face a deficit, and member support concerns impacting the club’s athletic encouragement.… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Prince Henry of Prussia Visits Adare Manor in County Limerick

Prince Henry of Prussia recently made a brief visit to Adare Manor, located in County Limerick, where he was hosted by the Earl and Countess of Dunraven. Arriving from Dublin, the Prince’s presence in the area garnered much attention from local residents, who were delighted by the royal visit. This special occasion not only provided an opportunity for strengthening ties between the two nations but also highlighted the cultural and historical significance of Adare Manor and its surroundings. As a renowned landmark in County Limerick, Adare Manor continues to draw visitors from around the world, now including royalty, further solidifying… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Mysterious Carved Oak Frame Discovered in Limerick Town Hall

In Limerick on Sunday, a remarkable discovery was made by Mr. Conlan, the new caretaker of the Town Hall. He found the intricately carved oak frame that once held the Royal Arms before they were mysteriously removed from the building. Artistically, this frame holds more value than the Arms themselves, and its unearthing sheds light on a curious piece of local history. The manner in which the frame was hidden, stashed away in a forgotten cellar, speaks of the secretiveness shrouding the removal of the Royal Arms and adds an aura of mystery to the treasured relic. Northants Evening Telegraph – Monday… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Revolutionizing Female Education: Mary Immaculate College Empowers Teachers in Munster

The recently opened Training College Mary Immaculate College is revolutionizing the education landscape for female teachers in Munster. With the support and encouragement from the Most Rev. Dr., the establishment of this innovative institution is a significant milestone in the pursuit of empowering women educators and equipping them with the necessary skills to impart valuable knowledge to their students. In an ever-evolving world, it becomes increasingly apparent that subjects such as cookery and laundry work are essential for the holistic development of young girls. Female teachers need to be well-versed in these technical areas to effectively guide their students in… Read Limerick Gazette Article

News From Around Limerick: A Snapshot of City Life

The New Training College Mary Immaculate One of the most significant events in Limerick in recent weeks was the opening of the new Training College Mary Immaculate. This college is designed to equip female teachers throughout Munster with the technical skills they need to teach subjects like cooking and laundry work. The Bishop of Limerick has been a strong advocate for the establishment of such a college, recognizing that the traditional “ologies” were no longer sufficient for preparing teachers for the changing needs of their students. The new college represents a major step forward for education in the region. Lecture… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Sturgeon Caught In The Shannon At Limerick: A Fine Sturgeon Was Caught By Some Limerick Fishermen Yesterday In The Shannon At Newtown, Clarina, Seven Miles Below The City. The Big Fish Measured Seven Feet In Length. Limerick fishermen caught a seven-foot sturgeon in the Shannon river at Clarina. While sturgeon catches are not uncommon these days, they are now rare, making this catch significant. The catch is a reminder of the importance of preserving natural resources and wildlife. Sturgeons are now endangered due to overfishing, pollution, and habitat loss. The fishermen’s catch also highlights the potential of a sustainable fishing… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Lord Rosebery Calls For A Gradual And Cautious Approach To Home Rule Amidst Challenges In Ireland.

Lord Rosebery’s stance on Home Rule has garnered significant attention amidst ongoing debates surrounding the issue. The outspoken politician has stressed the importance of a cautious and gradual approach to equal treatment throughout the United Kingdom, particularly in areas like Ireland that have faced significant challenges in the past. Recent public disturbances and criminal cases in cities like Limerick have only served to underscore the severity of the situation. As such, Lord Rosebery’s arguments have found a receptive audience among those who believe that Home Rule must be approached with care and consideration for all parties involved. Ultimately, the success… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Shopkeeper Avoids Prosecution: Margarine for Lodgers’ Use

At the Limerick Petty Sessions, the magistrates dismissed a case brought against Patrick Manning, owner of a Baxter’s shop, for allegedly exposing a small quantity of unlabeled margarine for sale, violating the Food and Drugs Act. Manning claimed that he kept the margarine for the use of his lodgers and had only a pound and a half weight of it in the shop. Furthermore, Manning stated that the Sergeant Inspector had taken the larger portion of it. The magistrates subsequently instructed the defendant to remove the margarine from the shop and reserve it for the lodgers’ use only. Northants Evening… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Mysterious Murder Near Killaloe: Former Army Man Arrested

Denis Cosgrave, a laborer employed by farmer James Smith in Ballynamer, near Killaloe, was found dead in his house after being reported missing following a fair at O’Brien’s Bridge. The body bore signs of violence, appearing to have been stabbed with a hay fork. A man named Slattery, previously in the army, has been arrested and detained in Limerick jail as authorities conduct a magisterial investigation. In an alarming turn of events, the quiet rural community of Ballynamer, near Killaloe, has been left shaken following the grim discovery of Denis’ lifeless body in his own home. The laborer, who was… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Man’s Varied Career Unveiled During Intriguing Legal Battle for Inheritance

The legal case involving the distribution of the late Dennis Louis Ryan’s estate captured the attention of many, as it unveiled the extraordinary and diverse career path of Joseph Ryan, the brother of the deceased. Amidst complex family dynamics, intricate legal proceedings, and the necessity to prove his identity, Joseph Ryan’s determination and resilience were put to the test, offering a fascinating insight into a Limerick man’s remarkable life journey. In the late 19th century, a Limerick man named Joseph Ryan embarked on a unique and eventful career path. Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, Ryan moved to London and… Read Limerick Gazette Article