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Barrington Braves Frontlines in Red Cross Ambulances

Several distinguished gentlemen from Limerick have answered the call of duty, embarking on a noble mission to serve on the front lines in France. Among them is Sir Charles Barrington, Burt., D.L., of Glenstal, who has departed England to operate a motor ambulance for the Red Cross. His selfless dedication… Read More


One of the vessels associated with the Limerick Steamship Company, the “Ammer Sinain,” which had been detained in Hamburg following the outbreak of war, has finally been sent back to Limerick. Reports indicate that the crew members of the ship were subjected to a prolonged period of uncertainty and hardship… Read More

Inquest Held Following Fatal Motor Car Accident in Limerick

An inquest was conducted yesterday by Mr J. F. Barry, J.P., City Coroner, at Barrington’s Hospital in Limerick, concerning the tragic death of 12-year-old John Downey. The young boy was struck by a motor car on the 9th of this month and tragically succumbed to his injuries the following Sunday.… Read More

Limerick Representatives Express Discontent with Coalition

In a fervent display of dissatisfaction, various representative bodies in Limerick have voiced their discontent with the current Coalition government. The sentiment was particularly palpable during the recent proceedings of Limerick County Council, where the chairman and prominent members did not mince words in critiquing what they perceive as weaknesses… Read More

Limerick Mourns Loss of Long-Time Shipping Agent

Mr Charles Cross, a stalwart figure in Limerick’s shipping community as the esteemed agent for the Clyde Shipping Company since 1888, has passed away at his residence in the city yesterday at the age of sixty-two. Hailing from Glasgow, Mr Cross was not only a familiar face but also a… Read More


In a gesture of generosity, the Committee of the County of Limerick Branch of the Red Cross Society has contributed £600 towards the acquisition and maintenance of a motor ambulance destined for frontline service. This significant donation, facilitated by contributions from the city, underscores the community’s commitment to supporting vital… Read More


In a recent session, Limerick District Council expressed unanimous dissent regarding the purported appointment of Mr P.K. Hogan J.P., to a significant position within the nation. Led by Mr P. O’Halloran and seconded by Mr James Ryan, the council aired grave concerns over the potential ramifications of this appointment, deeming… Read More