Oceanic Collision Causes Sinking of Ship Kincora: White Star Line Faces Admiralty Damages

A tragic collision involving the Kincora steamship and the Oceanic of the White Star Line, off the southeast coast of Ireland, has led to the sinking of the Kincora and the loss of her entire crew. The Kincora was on its voyage from Limerick, carrying a general cargo, while the Oceanic was en route from Liverpool to New York with 17,274 tons of cargo. It has been alleged that the Oceanic attempted to cross the navigation path at an inappropriate speed and amid dense foggy weather, resulting in this catastrophic event. The Admiralty has sought damages for the incident, while… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Miss Victoria Delany: Limerick’s Childhood Music Prodigy

Born in the city of Limerick, Miss Victoria Delany has grown up surrounded by the rich musical culture, with the city having a long history of producing talented artists, including herself. Hailing from a large family of thirteen siblings, Victoria’s musical journey began at a very young age. Inspired by one of her elder brothers, who used to play the violin, she started experimenting with the instrument by herself, eventually discovering her innate musical talent. Under the tutelage of Mr. Stanislaus Elliot, a renowned music professor in Limerick, young Victoria made remarkable progress in mastering the violin while also honing… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Mayor’s Request for Public Library Funding Met with Generous Offer from Philanthropist Carnegie

Following the successful application for funding from Mr. Carnegie for a library in Waterford, the Mayor of Limerick recently reached out to the philanthropist seeking a grant for a free public library in the city. In response, Mr. Carnegie has generously offered to contribute £7,000 towards constructing the library building, provided that the city pledges £350 per year towards its maintenance and support. The people of Limerick are excited and grateful for the generous offer extended by Mr. Carnegie, as it would provide a valuable resource for the community. A free public library would serve as an intellectual and cultural… Read Limerick Gazette Article

“Limerick’s Legacy: The Late Dean O’Brien’s Inspiration Sparked the Catholic Young Men’s Society’s Global Reach”

Yesterday afternoon, Blackness Hall witnessed the canonical inauguration of a branch of the Catholic Young Men’s Society in connection with St Joseph’s R.C. Church. Canon Holder presided over the event, and was joined by Father Sweeney, Brother Cyprian, Mr. P. McCabe, J.P., and Mr. Henry Chivers, the president of the society. The Chairman highlighted the inception of the Catholic Young Men’s Society on May 19, 1849, under the guidance of the late Dean O’Brien of Limerick. Since then, the society has spread its influence not only across Ireland but also throughout England, Scotland, and the United States. The Young Men’s… Read Limerick Gazette Article

“Limerick’s Transformation: Rev. Conkellan’s Mission Inspires Change and Sparks Interest in Grosvenor Hall”

Rev. Mr. Conkellan, who made a name for himself by undertaking special missions after leaving the Roman Catholic Church, has recently started a new mission at Grosvenor Hall. In the past several months, Mr. Conkellan has dedicated his time and energy to the successful conduct of special missions, with his most successful one taking place in Limerick. The mission at Grosvenor Hall began yesterday, drawing a large crowd in the afternoon. Mr. Conkellan’s lecture focused on “Rome’s Miracles: a cause for Infidelity.” He discussed the increasing number of people leaving the Roman Catholic faith for Agnosticism and proceeded to enumerate… Read Limerick Gazette Article

“Limerick-Born Enigma Lola Montez Shrouded in Mystery: A Tale of Deceit and High Society Intrigue Grips London”

The London scandal, which has sent shockwaves through the city’s upper echelons, involves the enigmatic figure of Lola Montez, now believed to be a woman named Eliza Gilbert. The court proceedings have unveiled a web of deceit, false identities, and high society connections that have left Londoners questioning the true identity and origins of the woman in question. With the upcoming resumption of the magisterial hearings scheduled for Wednesday, a marriage certificate was produced in the court that describes the woman at the center of the scandal as “Swame Princess Editha Loilito, Baroness Rosenthal, Countess Landfield, aged 44, native of… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Fatal Roadside Fight in Limerick Results in Arrest and Criticism for Leaving Victim Behind

A fatal roadside fight occurred in Limerick, resulting in the death of 32-year-old agricultural laborer, Maurice O’Keefe, who was found dead on the roadway with a fractured skull. An inquest revealed that O’Keefe had quarreled with a man named John Enright on their way home to Ellinmery on Saturday. Despite the efforts of two others in the party to separate them, the fight continued, and O’Keefe was eventually left on the roadside. He was accidentally discovered by a carrier the following morning. The jury determined that Enright, who has been arrested, was responsible for delivering the fatal blow and criticized… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Son Refunds Excess Amount to Friendly Society in Limerick After Discovering Mother’s Age Discrepancy

Four years ago, the Friendly Society in Limerick paid a claim of £30 following the death of a lady. Recently, the management in Liverpool received a letter from the woman’s son, who discovered through subsequent inquiries that his mother’s age was higher than initially represented. To correct the discrepancy, he voluntarily refunded £4, which was the excess amount he was not supposed to receive. Southern Reporter – Thursday 03 October 1901

Limerick Judge Promotes Unity and Understanding in Dismissed Persecution Case

In Limerick, Dr. Long faced an unfortunate persecution at the hands of Edward Fleming. Fleming decided to appeal his case after being sentenced to four weeks’ imprisonment for his conduct toward Dr. Long. The situation initially caused a great deal of excitement and turmoil in the city. However, over time, the tension and disorder subsided, eventually leading to the case being dismissed. The magistrate acknowledged the trivial nature of the accusations and charges against Fleming and emphasized the importance of respecting and upholding the peace that both the Roman Catholics and Protestants of Limerick shared. This sense of unity was… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Book Review: Dauntless” by Ewan Martin

“Dauntless” (1901) is an enthralling saga that follows the life of Harry Dauntless, a member of an ancient yet declining Irish family, during the tumultuous period of the Cromwellian campaign in Ireland. Although lengthy, Martin’s skillful storytelling keeps the reader captivated throughout the novel. The story begins with Harry’s father, Walter Dauntless, who wastes his life in gambling and other vices in London. After his tragic death, Harry’s mother returns to her native Ireland, taking Harry to their family estate in the Dublin mountains. Harry grows up to be a dedicated supporter of Charles Stuart and joins the Confederation of… Read Limerick Gazette Article

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