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Annual Meeting of Irish Land and Labour Benefit Society Held in Limerick

At the recent annual meeting of the Irish Land and Labour Approved Benefit Society, held in Limerick, Secretary Mr Michael Ryan, D.C., delivered the society’s report. The report outlined the significant activity over the past year, particularly in terms of benefits disbursed and administrative expenses. Mr Ryan reported that a… Read More

Legal Action Against Great Southern and Western Railway Company

In a recent court proceeding at the Listowel Quarter Sessions before County Court Judge Drumgoole, Sir Arthur K.C.V.O. brought forth a claim seeking £10 in damages from the Great Southern and Western Railway Company for alleged negligence resulting in an overnight stay in Limerick during his journey from London to… Read More

Limerick Quarter Sessions Opened in County Crown Court

The Quarter Sessions for the Eastern Division of Limerick County commenced yesterday at the County Crown Court, with Judge Law Smyth, K.C., presiding. Mr W. M. Beauchamp, Clerk of the Crown, announced that no cases were to be heard on the day. In a ceremonial gesture, Mr R. K. Lucas,… Read More

£50 Damages Awarded in Limerick Slander Case

In a recent ruling at the Prance Court, Mr Justice Madden presiding over a special jury, £50 in damages was awarded yesterday. The case involved allegations of slander brought forth by Mr William O’Brien Hishion against Martha Olivia Hopkins, a niece of the late Mr Myles Richard Hopkins, a prominent… Read More

Coalition Muddle Marks Return to Tory Rule Amidst Emphatic Protests

The recent appointments of Sir Edward Carson and Mr F. E. Smith to the new Ministry have sparked fervent discussions within Nationalist, Liberal, and even terrapin circles, igniting a series of emphatic protests across the political landscape. The “Limerick Leader” weighed in on the matter, expressing concerns over Sir Edward… Read More

Limerick Mourns Loss of Lieutenant J. R. Hall

Limerick, Ireland – The city of Limerick is in mourning following the tragic news of the death of Lieutenant J. R. Hall, a brave soldier who met his end on the battlefield near Ypres. Lieutenant Hall, attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Dublin Regiment, lost his life in… Read More

Limerick Harbour Board Deliberates on Swivel Bridge Construction

During the latest session of the Limerick Harbour Board, significant attention was directed towards a letter from the Board of Trade detailing the progress of work on the new swivel bridge spanning the Shannon at Sarsfield Street. The correspondence highlighted the poetical movement of the project, accompanied by a cautious… Read More