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Limerick Mayor Receives Recognition for Racing Protest Efforts

In the ongoing saga surrounding the contentious issue of racing stoppages, the Mayor of Limerick has garnered acknowledgment for his efforts. Following the public meeting held earlier this week regarding the cessation of racing activities, Mayor Duke has received significant correspondence highlighting the community’s concerns. The latest development emerged as… Read More

Emigrant’s Legacy: The Baggott Will Case

In the halls of justice, a tale unfolded, steeped in the legacy of an emigrant son hailing from the lush landscapes of Castleconnell, Co. Limerick. The courtroom drama, known as Baggot v. Baggot and another, unfolded before the eminent Lord Chief Justice and a jury of the city’s finest minds.… Read More


In a courtroom spectacle that gripped the attention of County Limerick, an intense legal confrontation unfolded. The setting was Nisi Prius, where Mr Justice Gibson presided alongside a jury drawn from the city’s populace. The case at hand pitted Michael Coffey, a farmer hailing from Garrymorrowghen, against John Walsh &… Read More

Limerick’s Gatekeeper Arrest Episode Highlights Case for Home Rule

In a recent parliamentary session, Mr T. M. Healy, MP.., shared a curious tale that epitomizes the complexities of Irish governance and the simmering Irish gatekeeper at hurling match tensions between Irish locals and British authorities. He recounted an incident that unfolded in Limerick, a city in Ireland, which he… Read More

Limerick Seeks Share in Shipbuilding Boom

In response to the burgeoning shipbuilding industry in Ireland, Cork is poised to welcome new shipbuilding yards while revamping and expanding existing ones. Similarly, Limerick, spurred by the initiative of the High Sheriff, is striving to claim its portion of this economic upswing. The city’s Corporation is actively pursuing opportunities… Read More


The community of Ardagh, County Limerick, mourns the passing of Reverend John Holtman, who peacefully departed this life on Sunday at the age of 71, following a period of declining health spanning several months. Rev. Holtman, affectionately known to parishioners as Father Holtman, served faithfully in various capacities throughout his… Read More


A highly attended and influential meeting of the citizens of Limerick took place at the Town Hall yesterday afternoon, aimed at urging the Government to reconsider the prohibition of racing in Ireland. The attendees emphasized that while the cessation of racing might not directly impact wartime efforts, it would undoubtedly… Read More

Protest Meeting Against Stoppage of Racing Held at Limerick

A heavily attended gathering of horse breeders and owners convened today in Limerick to voice their opposition against the cessation of racing in Ireland. Situated at the heart of one of the most significant horse-breeding regions globally, the district surrounding the meeting site boasts a rich history of renowned horses… Read More