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About Us

Welcome to the Limerick Archives website, your gateway to the rich ​history of 20th century Limerick, Ireland. Our digital repository offers ​an extensive collection of images and stories, capturing the essence of ​Limerick’s vibrant past. Explore photographs, documents, and personal ​narratives that chronicle the city’s cultural, social, and economic ​evolution throughout the last century. Whether you’re a historian, a ​student, or a curious visitor, our archives provide a valuable resource ​for uncovering the unique heritage of Limerick. Dive into the past and ​discover the stories that shaped our beloved city.

Our Stories

Limerick Archives embarks on a global quest through international archives to uncover stories that brought international attention to Limerick, Ireland over the centuries. By meticulously rewriting these historical narratives in modern English, the team ensures the integrity and accuracy of the original tales are preserved. Each story is followed to its conclusion, providing readers with a comprehensive account of the events as they unfolded. This dedication to historical accuracy and storytelling excellence allows Limerick Archives to offer a unique and engaging perspective on the city’s rich and influential history.

Our Images

Limerick Archives explores international archives to uncover old images that brought global attention to Limerick, Ireland throughout the 20th century. These images are meticulously restored, enhanced, and colourized, maintaining their original integrity. When no images are available, AI image generation creates illustrations for each story, providing readers with a vivid depiction of historical events. This innovative approach offers a detailed and immersive insight into Limerick’s rich history, allowing modern audiences to experience the city’s past as it happened. Through this blend of archival research and advanced technology, Limerick Archives preserves and revitalises the visual heritage of the city.

Our Books

The Limerick Archives Gazette is a monumental 100-volume compilation capturing Limerick, Ireland’s 20th-century history. Each volume, over 400 pages, meticulously documents yearly events, creating an immersive narrative. Led by historian Gerard Hannan, this collection features restored and colourized images, blending historical accuracy with visual storytelling. Available in e-book, paperback, and hardback formats, these volumes can be delivered globally through Amazon. Additionally, the Gazette offers a free online archive, connecting past and present and making Limerick’s rich heritage accessible to a worldwide audience. Through this exceptional work, the Gazette ensures the city’s history is preserved and celebrated globally.

Video Archive

Our Videos

Our YouTube channel offers a vast collection of historical documentaries and shorts, delving deep into the rich history of Ireland. From ancient myths and legends to pivotal events and figures, our content provides an engaging and comprehensive exploration of the Emerald Isle’s past. Each video is meticulously researched and crafted to bring history to life, making it accessible and captivating for viewers of all ages. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or just curious about Ireland’s heritage, our channel offers a treasure trove of knowledge and stories waiting to be discovered. Join us and uncover the fascinating history of Ireland.

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