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Lecture Announcement: “Industrial Development of Ireland”

Under the auspices of the Limerick Industrial Association, a highly anticipated lecture on the “Industrial Development of Ireland” will be delivered by Charles Dawson, Esq. (Dusty) at the Athenaeum. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th, 1904, and will commence at 8 o’clock in the evening. The esteemed Mayor,… Read More

Moonlighting Cases in West Limerick

At the Abbeyfeale Petty Sessions, after addressing the usual business, the court turned its attention to a series of moonlighting incidents. The individuals’ named Denis Cahill, James Hartnett, James Sullivan, and Francis Horgan of Cragg were brought before Magistrates James Wolfe Flanagan and W. L. Creagh Harnett on charges related… Read More

Limerick Industrial Association Thrives: Strong Support for Irish Goods

We are pleased to report that the Limerick Industrial Association continues to thrive and make a significant impact. During Irish Ireland Week, the local shops in Limerick showcased an impressive array of Irish manufactured goods, garnering positive attention. Notably, the Irish Industrial Section stood out prominently during the local procession,… Read More

Burglary Culprits Apprehended and Sentenced in Limerick

During a Special Petty Sessions Court held in Limerick last Saturday, two individuals faced charges brought forth by Sergeant Lonergan. The accused were charged with breaking into and stealing a quantity of underclothing from the shop of Messrs Carmody & Co. After pleading guilty, both individuals were sentenced to one… Read More

Discovery of Magnificent Irish Deer Fossil in Limerick

A remarkable find has recently emerged from a bog in County Limerick—an impressively preserved head and antlers of the extinct Irish giganteus, commonly known as the Irish elk. This rare specimen is now in the possession of a Dublin-based firm specialising in natural history. The horns of this majestic creature… Read More