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Limerick Assizes: Court Convenes Amidst Murmurs of the Past

In a solemn yet bustling atmosphere, the Summer Assizes commenced in the historic County of Limerick. Stepping into the Crown Court punctually at 11 o’clock, Mr Sergeant Matheson, accompanied by esteemed dignitaries including the High Sheriff, Mr Dermod O’Brien, D.L., and the Sub-Sheriff, Mr Benjamin K. Lucas, set the stage… Read More

Limerick Corporation Stages Vigorous Protest Against Political Betrayal

Friday, Limerick – The Limerick Corporation convened last night amidst fervent debate and impassioned exchanges, presided over by Mayor Mr S. Quin, MP.. The atmosphere in the Council Chamber crackled with tension as attendees, including a sizable public contingent, voiced their sentiments on the current state of Irish politics. Councillor… Read More

Limerick Voices Resonate: Corporation Challenges Representation

In a resounding call echoing the sentiments of many in Limerick, the Limerick Corporation has convened to voice its protest against what they perceive as a betrayal of Irish interests. With a vote of 12 in favour, the Corporation adjourned a motion that sharply criticises the actions of Irish representatives… Read More

Limerick Christian Brothers Centenary Sparks Fundraising Drive

Limerick, Ireland – As the Christian Brothers mark their centenary year in Limerick since their establishment in 1810, a concerted effort is underway to commemorate this milestone by addressing the pressing need for expanded educational facilities. The existing schools, which have served the community for decades, now find themselves struggling… Read More

Limerick Archbishop Appeals for Relief Funds from America

In an extraordinary move reflecting the dire circumstances in Ireland following the recent rebellion, Archbishop E. J. Hanna of San Francisco issued a heartfelt appeal for funds to alleviate the “appalling misery” and destitution gripping the nation. The appeal, published in the San Francisco Examiner on the 18th, underscores the… Read More

Death of a Well-Known Fenian: John Daly’s Legacy in Limerick

In the early hours of yesterday morning, Limerick bid farewell to one of its most prominent sons, John Daly, a renowned figure in the Irish physical force movement and a stalwart member of the Fenian Brotherhood during its tumultuous existence. Daly, whose roots ran deep in the soil of Limerick,… Read More