“San Francisco Journal Praises Limerick Women’s Beauty, Celebrating Far-Reaching Irish Influence”

A San Francisco journal has recently published an article expressing admiration for the beauty of women from Limerick, Ireland. The article enthusiastically describes “the Limerick face” as “the perfection of female beauty and human ceramic without blemish.” In using the term ‘ceramic,’ the author emphasizes the flawless and delicate beauty of women from Limerick. This feature dedicated to praising the attractiveness of Limerick women demonstrates the far-reaching influence of Irish culture and the widespread appreciation for their distinct appearance. Coventry Evening Telegraph – Friday 06 December 1901

“Irish National League Sunderland Branch Plans Concert with Aid. Joyce, M.P.’s Visit”

A meeting of the Sunderland branch of the Irish National League took place last night at the Cocoa Rooms, New Street, to discuss arrangements for an upcoming Irish National concert at Victoria Hall. The event is scheduled for when Aid. Joyce, M.P. of Limerick, visits the area. Mr. Michael chaired the meeting, and several reports were presented from various deputations from Hylton, Seaham Harbour, and other locations. Messrs Byrne and others reported on the conference call regarding a proposed trip to Ireland. One of the members who attended T.P. O’Connor, M.P.’s speech in Newcastle on Sunday praised his pleasing and… Read Limerick Gazette Article

“Religious Persecution Continues as Dr. Long’s House Attacked in Limerick; Government Urged to Intervene”

The persecution of Dr. Long in Limerick continues. On Sunday night, the windows of his house were once again broken, with the unidentified projectiles being used as missiles. Despite the house supposedly being under special protection, no arrests have been made. This does not necessarily imply that the police are neglecting their duties, but rather that the perpetrators seem to enjoy a certain level of immunity. This situation could be attributed to the encouragement that the offenders receive from their leaders and guides. When magistrates on the Bench overlook such offenses, and when the Limerick Corporation attempts to conceal their… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Notable County Clare Residents Host Successful Shooting Parties, Guests Depart for England

Mr. Ball recently hosted a shooting party at Fort Fergus in County Clare, with guests including notable figures from the surrounding area. The event yielded a rich haul of game, including 250 pheasants, eighty hares, 900 rabbits, and three woodcocks. In other local news, Lord and Lady Dunraven and Lady Aileen Wyndham-Quin have left Adare Manor for England. The Knight of Glin suffered a minor hand injury due to a gun malfunction during a shooting party at Adare Manor but is recovering well. Sir Charles and Lady Barrington have left Glenstal Castle for England. Mr. and Clara Lady Fitzgerald hosted… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Lucky Prisoner Andy Helm Escapes 12-Month Sentence Due to Legal Informality

Andy Helm, a prisoner who once daringly broke out of prison, has experienced a stroke of luck. A magistrate in Corofin committed Helm to Limerick District Male Prison for twelve months for assaulting a district councillor. This was not Helm’s only offense, as he had broken the conditions of an unexpired ticket-of-leave by failing to report himself to the police. However, the magistrate committed an informality in sending Helm to prison. With only three weeks left of his unexpired term, the Lord Lieutenant has now decided to discharge Helm, remitting the remainder of the sentence. As a result, Helm avoids… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Lola Montez: The Dancer Who Ruled Bavaria and Her Tumultuous Life

A woman involved in a sensational case is believed by some to be the daughter of the famous Lola Montez. Lola, born in Limerick in 1818, was the daughter of an Irishman named Gilbert and a woman with Spanish heritage. After Gilbert’s death, Lola’s mother married Captain Craigie from Montrose, where Lola was taken for education. At 19, she ran away with a captain, divorced him, and pursued a career as a Spanish dancer, using the stage name of Lola Montez. Lola later went on to perform in Munich, where she was enthusiastically received by the eccentric king. He made… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Alderman Joyce Addresses Salford Irishmen on Progress Towards Home Rule and Declining Population in Ireland

A meeting of Salford Irishmen was held in the St. Patrick branch room of the United Irish League, with Alderman Joyce, M.P. for Limerick, as the principal speaker. Joyce discussed the progress made during the past session toward realizing Home Rule for Ireland and cited the decline in population as a result of British rule in Ireland. He stated that the goal of the United Irish League was to gain self-government for Ireland, similar to what is enjoyed in Canada and Australia. Joyce also addressed the issue of higher education and the reception of Nationalist delegates in America. Manchester Courier – Thursday… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Irishmen Gather in Manchester for United Irish League Meeting

A well-attended meeting of the United Irish League was held at St. Patrick’s Hall, Rochdale Road, with Alderman and Councillor Joyce of Limerick as the principal speaker. The chair was occupied by Alderman Boyle and was supported by the Irish party. The event successfully fostered unity and enthusiasm among the attendees. A resolution in favor of the United Irish League was proposed by Mr. McCabe and was carried with great enthusiasm by Mr. V. O’Connor. Alderman Joyce recounted his own political fight, assuring listeners that even though he faced stern Nationalists, he ultimately succeeded in placing Irish interest at the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Remembers Manchester Martyrs Amidst Criticism of Irish Parliamentary Party

Yesterday in Limerick, a gathering was held to honor the memory of the “Manchester Martyrs”, a group of Irishmen executed in England for their role in the Fenian movement. The event featured an impassioned speech by Mr. P. J. Daly, who used the opportunity to voice his concerns regarding the Irish parliamentary party. According to Mr. Daly, the party’s methods are not reflective of the sacrifices made by the martyrs, and he expressed relief that none of its members shared the stage. He argued that the cause these men died for—freedom and self-determination for Ireland—was significantly more important than the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Miss Madeleine O’Connor: The Voice and Spirit of Limerick

Countless hearts have been touched by the melodious voice of Miss Madeleine O’Connor as she sings the old melodies of Ireland. Her beautiful, fresh soprano voice combined with an artistic style has captivated listeners far and wide. But there is more to Miss O’Connor than just her voice. She is a genuine singer with a rare gift for natural expression, and she has the ability to reach deep inside the soul of anyone who listens to her perform. Madeleine O’Connor has a distinct Irish beauty in her face and an infectious, vivacious allure in her personality. This makes her the… Read Limerick Gazette Article