Historical Limerick Event Sheds Light on Irish Political Eligibility and Loyalty Concerns

A Limerick past event was in reference to a historical event involving William Smith O’Brien. In his case, after being convicted of treason and sentenced to transportation for life, the House of Lords finally adjudged him to be unqualified to serve as a Member of Parliament (MP) and declared his seat void. Consequently, Lord John Russell moved for a new election in County Limerick. This example is brought up in context of the current Galway election and the eligibility of Arthur Lynch, who faces concerns about his loyalty to the Crown. It is emphasized that disqualification from the House of… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick’s Role in Advocating for a Non-Sectarian University in Ireland

During a hearing with the Royal Commission on University Education in Ireland, Sir Christopher Nixon, M.D., LL.B., emphasized the need for a non-sectarian university in the country. As a Roman Catholic, he stated that most Catholics sought an institution providing a ‘Catholic atmosphere’ without being intolerable for them. Nixon proposed the establishment of a Royal University with a mainly Catholic Senate, an endowed college in Dublin, and associated colleges in Cork and Galway. Limerick’s Bishop Edward Thomas O’Dwyer, a strong advocate for an inclusive and less sectarian academic environment, passionately supported this idea. Bishop O’Dwyer’s vision of unity in the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Priest Warns Against Unjust War and Soldier’s Duty

Rev. Father Kavanagh of Limerick expresses deep distress over British recruiting sergeants’ attempts to “entrap” young Irishmen into the army. He urges his countrymen to remember the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings that participating in an unjust war leads to sin, and dying without repentance results in the loss of one’s soul. Consequently, he hopes that Catholics will avoid enlisting and leave the journey to South Africa for Orangemen, whom he believes will be beneficial in the region. The concerns raised by Rev. Father Kavanagh echo the sentiments of many within the Irish Catholic community who are wary of the consequences… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Irish Clergyman Archdeacon Brien Passes Away on His 90th Birthday

Archdeacon Brien, who held multiple positions within the Irish Church throughout his life, unexpectedly passed away at Egerton Park, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, on his 90th birthday. Following his ordination in Limerick, he served as a curate, rector of Dromkeen, and archdeacon during his career. In 1878, Archdeacon Brien retired from his role within the Irish Church to reside with his nephew at Rock Ferry. He continued to generously assist the clergy of St. Peter’s, Rock Ferry, while gaining the respect and esteem of the local community. Originally scheduled to give a sermon on his birthday, the unfortunate turn in his… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Danish vs. Irish Butter Controversy: Irish Cooperative Dairy Association Challenges Denmark’s Agricultural Departments

A fierce debate regarding the quality of Irish vs. Danish butter has captured the attention of the public. A challenge between the Irish and Danish butter industries, originally scheduled for Limerick, was postponed and relocated to Manchester. It eventually fell through after the Danish representative demanded a £600 bet before allowing the competition to proceed. The Irish Cooperative Dairy Association has now issued a challenge to Denmark’s Agricultural Departments for a fair creamery-to-creamery competition, hoping for acceptance and resolution to the ongoing rivalry. The results of this battle have the potential to impact the butter industries of both countries and… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Irish Unity Concert Planned in Sunderland: MP for Limerick City Mr. Joyce to Attend

The United Irish League’s Eoghan Ruadh branch announced Mr. Joyce, the MP for Limerick City, will visit Sunderland on December 9th. Plans are underway for a concert at Victoria Hall, featuring national music and top performers. Inviting nearby districts such as Seaham Harbour, Silksworth, Houghton, and Tyne Dock, the event aims to showcase the unity of the Irish race. In light of this exciting announcement, the Eoghan Ruadh branch of the United Irish League has been enthusiastically working on the preparations for Mr. Joyce’s visit and the upcoming concert. It is expected that the event will draw a large crowd,… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Black and White in Irish Politics: Limerick MP Supports Lynch’s Candidature

Mr. Joyce, ALP MP for Limerick, delivered a speech at a meeting in Galway, advocating for Mr. Lynch’s candidature. Denouncing opposing candidate Hon. Plunkett as unworthy, Mr. Joyce praised Mr. Lynch as a hero and patriot willing to die for Ireland. The speaker expressed his confidence that Mr. Lynch would be successfully elected for Galway. During his passionate address, Mr. Joyce emphasized the distinct contrast in Irish politics, drawing attention to the critical choice between the two candidates. He painted Mr. Lynch as a staunch supporter of Irish interests and a true representation of the values and aspirations of the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Daring Escaped Prisoner Arrested: Andy Hehir’s Audacious Adventures

Andy Hehir, the man who escaped Limerick Gaol years ago, has been arrested on charges of assaulting the local district council chairman. After breaking out of prison, Hehir managed to avoid capture for three months, leaving the police of Limerick and Clare counties to join the hunt for him. His escapades were just as thrilling as those of the infamous criminals who recently led English police on a wild chase in Kent. Hehir’s brazen acts added to his notoriety, as he once slept in a district inspector’s barn and even visited a constabulary barracks where he made himself so welcome,… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Notorious Prison Escapee Andy Hehir Sentenced to 12 Months Imprisonment

Andy Hehir, who is infamous for his numerous escapes from Ennis and Limerick prisons and subsequent police pursuits, faced justice at Corofin Petty Sessions. He has been handed a 12-month prison sentence for failing to comply with the conditions of his ticket of leave. The authorities hope that this incarceration will finally deter Hehir from entering into any further misadventures. Portsmouth Evening News – Saturday 09 November 1901

Persecution of Dr. Long in Limerick Escalates: Surgery Windows Shattered

A serious development in the ongoing persecution of Dr. Long occurred yesterday morning in Limerick. Dr. Long, known for attending his surgery on Thomas Street daily for professional duties, encountered an alarming incident where several large stones were thrown at his surgery windows. The doctor and an assistant narrowly escaped being struck by the projectiles. Despite constant police attendance at the location, the perpetrator managed to carry out the assault in broad daylight and evade apprehension. Although a nearby policeman gave chase, the offender slipped away, possibly concealed by residents in a nearby laneway. The situation caused considerable alarm for… Read Limerick Gazette Article