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1901 – Page 3 – Limerick Gazette

Proclamation of King George V in Limerick, Ireland

On a rainy day in Limerick, history was made with the proclamation of King George V as the monarch of Ireland. Despite opposition, the event proceeded peacefully, and the people showed their deep respect and loyalty. It marked a new era of progress and development for Limerick.

January 1901: Limerick’s Aspirations and Cultural Resilience

A New Year of Hope and Cultural Unity As January 1901 unfurled its wings, Ireland looked ahead with a mixture of hope and anticipation for change and progress. Amidst the nation’s ongoing political tensions, Limerick stood as a steadfast city, firmly rooted in its cultural heritage and resilience. In the midst of nationalist sentiments, Limerick’s people came together in discussions that revolved around Irish autonomy, reflecting the collective desire for self-determination and independence. The city’s industries, particularly its textiles and manufacturing sectors, played a pivotal role in propelling its economic growth, signifying its determination to thrive amidst adversity. Limerick’s deep… Read Full Article

Stormy Scenes at Limerick Corporation Meeting

At a recent Limerick Corporation meeting, proceedings were extremely boisterous and disorderly. When Councillor Herbert and Councillor O’Brien proposed and seconded a resolution of sympathy for Lord Dunraven over the death of Lady Rachel Fitzgerald, they were met with booing and groans from a large crowd. The hostility was due to these councillors’ previous support for Unionist candidate, Sir Thomas Cleeve, at the mayoral elections. The resolution passed in respectful silence, but as new committees were being elected, the names of Labor Party members who also supported the Unionist were struck off, with uproar from beyond the barrier. Several heated… Read Full Article