Dr. Long’s Prosecution for Public Obstruction Adjourned Amid Limerick Corporation Controversy

The Limerick Corporation’s prosecution against Dr. Long, which was set to be heard before the Limerick magistrates, has been adjourned by mutual consent. This decision follows a private meeting held by the Corporation where a communication addressed to Mr. Dundon, the law agent, was discussed. The contents of the communication, believed to be from Rev. Mr. O’Donnell, the Roman Catholic Administrator of St. Michael’s parish, expressed concerns that the legal proceedings would only serve as an advertisement for Dr. Long and consequently do more harm than good. It was suggested that the case be withdrawn, but the committee ultimately decided… Read Limerick Gazette Article

6th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers to Return Home from Malta, War Office Plans Future Training

Orders have been issued for the 6th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers (Royal Limerick County) Militia to return home from Malta by the end of the month and to be demobilized at its headquarters in Limerick. The corps, having been on duty for nearly 14 months since its mobilization in May the previous year, has demonstrated commendable service. In their absence, the new 3rd Battalion Royal Garrison Regiment will be stationed in Malta. The War Office is preparing to announce its plans for the militia’s training next year. Although a general embodiment will not be feasible in 1902, selected artillery brigades… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Irish vs Danish Butter: Showdown Begins as Limerick Shipper Accepts Copenhagen Challenge

The age-old debate over whether Irish or Danish butter is superior has resurfaced, with both parties standing their ground and asserting their dominance in the world of butter production. For years, it has been widely believed that “no one comes to England’s beet makers,” yet the increasing demand for Danish butter seems to have shifted the market’s course. The limited supply of Irish butter has resulted in the Danish product taking up a significant market share that has proven difficult for the Irish dairy industry to reclaim, despite its strong attempt to do so. The latest development in this dairy… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Night Watch Reinstated: Local Support Prevails to Preserve Tradition

The Limerick Night Watch remains a unique force in Ireland as the only police unit operating under local supervision rather than national oversight. This long-standing tradition was recently put to the test when proposals to disband the force emerged. The local community, however, demonstrated their unwavering support for the Night Watch and successfully voiced their opposition to the proposed changes. As a result, the Watchmen continue their service to the people of Limerick, ensuring safety and fostering a sense of community pride. This victory for the historically significant force highlights the importance of local control and sentiment in maintaining the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick Sees Slight Recovery Amidst Dwindling Salmon Population and Rising Demand

The salmon population along the coasts is dwindling, making the recently concluded season the worst in many years, says Mr. Henry Stevenson, a salmon trade expert with 30 years of experience. Particularly concerning are the declines in Northern Ireland, while Southern Ireland, Shannon, and Limerick districts see slightly better results. The scarcity of salmon has driven up prices in the market, with frozen salmon becoming a difficult sell. Interestingly, the decline in salmon numbers coincides with an increase in demand from the middle class, who are now purchasing the fish once considered a luxury only available to the wealthy. Dundee… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Medical Missionaries: Balancing Healthcare and Religion Raises Ethical Concerns

Medical missionaries, who provide healthcare while spreading their faith to patients, may face ethical questions surrounding their dual-roles, reports the “Hospital.” While widely regarded as valuable and well-intentioned, there are concerns as to whether doctors should use their professional relationship with patients to promote religious beliefs. Recent uproar in Limerick over Dr. Long’s dispensary-driven efforts highlights the sensitive nature of this issue. Despite potential political complications, many still defend the practice of combining medical and religious work. Critics, however, insist on the importance of considering the ethical implications of merging these responsibilities. The debate around medical missionaries is growing increasingly… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Limerick and Danish Butter Salesmen Battle for Dairy Supremacy

A Limerick butter salesman has bravely taken up the gauntlet thrown by a Danish counterpart from Copenhagen, agreeing to participate in a friendly face-off to determine whose nation produces superior butter. The light-hearted competition aims to settle the age-old debate between the proud dairy-producing countries. Social media users are gleefully following this ‘butter duel” as it unfolds, eagerly awaiting the final verdict. Enthusiastic butter enthusiasts from both Ireland and Denmark have taken the opportunity to rally behind their respective representatives, celebrating the delicious merits of this dairy delight. Portsmouth Evening News – Monday 02 September 1901

Thrice Tried For Murder: John Sullivan To Be Liberated And Exiled

In a dramatic turn of events, authorities have decided to liberate John Sullivan, who has undergone three separate trials without a jury able to agree upon a verdict for the alleged willful murder of Michael Clifford. The crime took place near Limerick on September 12, 1900. Both Sullivan and Clifford were laborers on the holding of James Nolan. On the fateful morning, Clifford was discovered dead in his bed with his throat cut, while Sullivan was found lying next to him, suffering from a self-inflicted wound in his neck. Prosecution argued that Clifford had been murdered by Sullivan using the… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Boycott In Limerick: Disgraceful Behavior Of City’s Hackney Cab Drivers

A troubling series of events have beset Dr. Long, the city’s esteemed medical missionary and members of his family, who have found common transportation services repeatedly denied to them in an apparent organization of an unofficial boycott. The glaring failure of the upholders of civic order further complicates the predicament. The saga unveiled when Dr. Long penned a missive to Mr. Forrest, the Corporation official charged with overseeing the licensed car-drivers of the city. He eloquently articulated an unfortunate situation, stating that neither he nor any member of his family had been able to hire a public car on more… Read Limerick Gazette Article

Dr. Long’s Unjust Mistreatment Exposed at Limerick Corporation Meeting, No Resolution Reached

The Hackney Car of Limerick Corporation meeting on the 21st inst. revealed a concerning state of affairs, particularly regarding the continued mistreatment of Dr. Long. Despite being a ratepayer, he is denied the rights typically afforded to citizens and faces boycott by the city’s carmen. In his letter to Mr. Forrest, the high constable, Dr. Long described this ongoing harassment. During the discussion, the Mayor questioned why it was considered acceptable to deny Dr. Long and his family car service, arguing that it was a grievous offense. With no justification for this treatment, the Mayor suggested that the perpetrators of… Read Limerick Gazette Article

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