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Limerick’s Railway Tragedy: A Day of Peril

On a fateful Friday, a sombre incident unfolded at Knockbrack Quarry, marking one of the gravest railway accidents to scar the history of the Limerick Kerry line, under the management of the Great Southern and Western Railway. The headlines in the Limerick Chronicle might read, “A Day of Peril.” The… Read More

Irish Proclamations Lead to Active Police Measures in Limerick

A Limerick correspondent reports that the police have begun taking active measures for the first time since the city was proclaimed under the Crimes Act. Two Clare men, Mr T. Linnane, chairman of the Ennis District Council, and Mr Joseph O’Sullivan from Corofin, were discharged from Limerick Gaol after completing… Read More

Abbeyfeale’s Successful Closure of Defence Fund Collection

The town of Abbeyfeale, nestled in the picturesque region of Limerick, concluded its Defence Fund collection on St. Stephen’s Day with an outstanding achievement, amassing a total sum of £55 5s. This notable accomplishment was preceded by the town’s dutiful remittance of their annual contribution of £35 to the Parliamentary… Read More

Abbeyfeale Altercation Leads to Arrest

Abbeyfeale, Thursday – A few nights ago, an alarming altercation took place involving four young farmers from Knockanure and Meengnaraheeny, in the Rockchapel district. The conflict unfolded after the men, who were travelling back home from Mountcollins in a jennet and cart, allegedly shouted offensive names and threw stones at… Read More

Abbeyfeale Sergeant Faces Charges for Inadequate Response to Assault

Abbeyfeale, Wednesday – Yesterday, a Court of Special Inquiry was held at Mountcollins Hut, located three miles from Abbeyfeale. District-Inspectors O’Hara of Limerick (President) and Cusack of Rathkeale convened the inquiry to investigate charges against Sergeant Maurice Roche of improper handling and reporting of an assault case in the district.… Read More

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