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Abbeyfeale Farmers Concerned About Proposed Water Standard in Butter

On Tuesday, despite the severe weather, a large calf market took place in Abbeyfeale, with buyers and sellers coming from various places such as Athea, Glin, Ballylongford, Brosna, Rockchapel, Tournafulla, Mountcollins, Duagh, Dublin, Carlow, and Mullingar. In the butter market, concerns about the proposed water standard set by Cork merchants… Read More

Assault Case on Goold Estate: Meeting of Tenants

Yesterday, a meeting of tenants was held at the Athea schoolrooms’ on the Goold Estate in West Limerick. The meeting was primarily composed of tenants, with the exception of Mr E. W. White, a solicitor from Belfast who represented friends holding large tracts of land on the estate. The purpose… Read More

Land Purchase Negotiations Met with Rent Proceedings on Goold Estate

Abbeyfeale, Thursday – Despite the adverse impact of a poor harvest, some tenants on the Goold Estate in Athea, Co. Limerick, who have been engaged in negotiations to purchase their holdings, have now found themselves facing rent proceedings. It is noteworthy that among those targeted by these actions are Mr… Read More

The Limerick Gaelic County Board

Abbeyfeale, Saturday. The need for restructuring the Limerick County Board with a stronger focus on Gaelic athletics seems to be gaining recognition. This recognition has grown beyond isolated complaints from a few neglected districts, highlighting the flawed practices employed in the administration of Gaelic affairs in the county. While the… Read More

United Irish League West Limerick Executive Holds Significant Meeting

An important monthly meeting of the United Irish League West Limerick Executive was convened in Newcastle West on Wednesday, yielding productive outcomes. Reverend Father W. Casey, VR, All-l-e{l‘a-nle, presided as the president. The following delegates were in attendance: James Roche, Timothy Mulcahy, J. Flanagan, J. Clifford, John McDonnell, Thomas Hurley… Read More