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This Weeks News From Limerick

Local Bicycle Manufacturer Thrives Through Skilled Workforce Thomond Cycles, a renowned local bicycle manufacturer, is currently experiencing a surge in its business, owing to its unwavering commitment to employing experienced and fully paid mechanics. This dedication to producing high-quality bicycles, constructed by skilled workers rather than apprentices or handymen, sets… Read More

Cottages in Kilmallock Union

Under the recent labourers’ scheme in the Kilmallock Union, a number of cottages were constructed in the town of Kilmallock. Six of these cottages were recently completed, and the appointment of tenants was scheduled to take place at a meeting of the Council on the previous Friday. However, the Council’s… Read More


The Clerk of the Crown and Peace for County Limerick has published a list of applications for compensation for criminal injuries that will be tried at the next County Court Sittings in Limerick on the 5th of October, 1905. The cases involve various incidents of malicious burning, cutting, poisoning, and… Read More