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Limerick Man In Suspected Cattle Theft Case in Clare

A case of alleged cattle theft in Clare has captured the attention of local authorities, who have been diligently investigating the matter. The incident stems from the disappearance of three valuable cattle from the lands owned by Mr Thomas O’Rourke in Broadford on January 28th. Recent developments have shed light… Read More

Limerick No. 2 District Council Discusses Labourers’ Cottage Rents

On Saturday, the regular meeting of Limerick No. 2 District Council took place with Mr Arthur Stritch in the chair. Among those present were Captain O’Brien, R.M., and several council members, including Mr T. Bourke, M. Hanlon, M. Bourke, M. O’Corry, J. Madden, G. Heffernan, J. O’Connell, I. Skehan, and… Read More

Very Busy Limerick No. 2 District Council Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Limerick No. 2 District Council was held with Mr Arthur Stritch in the chair. Various council members were present, including Messrs Thomas Hartigan, P. Lane, Peter Mulqueen, P. Fitzgerald (COC), D. Carroll, John Madden (Shravokee), P. Keane, M. Bourke, John O’Connell, B. Skehan, George Heffernan,… Read More

Licensing Act Conviction Upheld for Unauthorised Sale of Beer

At the Ennis Quarter Sessions before Judge Carton, Mrs. Edmund McCarthy of William Street, Limerick, appealed against a conviction by magistrates at Broadford Petty Sessions. The conviction found her guilty of selling beer at a location other than her licensed premises on October 24th, and she was fined £2 under… Read More

Pint vs. Bottle: A Matter of Reputation

A legal issue concerning the measurement of beer came to light at the Broadford Petty Sessions recently. Messrs Spillane & Sons, a Limerick-based entity, faced prosecution for allegedly selling less than 4.5 gallons of beer without a valid retail license. The case revolved around the interpretation of measurement standards in… Read More

Limerick County Council’s Pursuit of Progress: New Road Development

In a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and infrastructure within the region, Limerick County Council is embarking on a transformative journey to create a new road in the townlands of Raheenagh, Gorteen, and Ahawilk, within the Newcastle Rural District. This endeavour, propelled by the Local Government (Ireland) Act of 1898,… Read More