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Bishop of Limerick Advocates Temperance at Meeting in Town Hall

Limerick – A gathering was held in the Town Hall this afternoon, organized by the Munster-Connaught Exhibition, with the aim of establishing an association for the promotion of temperance through the use of tea, coffee, and other non-alcoholic beverages in local fairs and markets. The Most Reverend Dr O’Dwyer presided… Read More

Sir Thomas O’Shaughnessy Explores Ancestral Roots in Limerick

In a notable connection between the prominent Sir Thomas O’Shaughnessy, President of the Canadian Railway, and the historic town of Limerick, inquiries have been initiated in the parish registry of Dromcollogher. The purpose of these inquiries is to uncover the baptismal dates of Sir Thomas’s ancestors, revealing a compelling link… Read More

Discovering the Tranquil Beauty of Limerick’s Golden Vale

In a poetic ode penned by J. W. Enright, the Golden Vale of Limerick unfolds its breathtaking beauty as one gazes down from a vantage point atop Mulloughanish. The scene, painted by nature’s hand, showcases the meandering Magiue, Deel, and the majestic Shannon, gracefully flowing through expansive meadowlands. This glorious… Read More

Developments in Broadford Shooting Case: Remand for Accused

Limerick – In a court session presided over by Mr P. J. Kelly, R.M., in Limerick yesterday, further remands were granted for two individuals, Patrick Donnellan and Thomas Sullivan. The men are facing charges related to a shooting incident where John Hynes, a farmer leasing a property on the Bently… Read More