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News From Around Limerick

Murder Charges A murder charge was filed at the Glin Petty Sessions against James Normile and Michael Normile. The two were initially arrested on October 26 for house-breaking and inflicting grievous bodily harm on John Dillane in his house at East Mall, Glin, on the night of October 25. Dillane… Read More

Limerick Evicted Tenants Association Discusses Action and Plans

A meeting of the Limerick Evicted Tenants Association took place on Saturday afternoon at the Town Hall, with Mr W.H. Ivers, Chairman, presiding. Among the attendees were Patrick Bourke, B.C.; M. Moloney, senior; John H. Danagher from Athea; Martin Hogan from Rathkeale; Patrick Creedon from Monagea; Mrs. Carroll from Cappamore;… Read More

Bruree Successful Coursing Event

Bruree experienced a thrilling spectacle as a huge crowd converged for a coursing event that showcased the impressive skills of the participating dogs. The star of the show was undoubtedly Mr John Gubbins’s Stormy Petrel, whose exceptional performance left spectators in awe. Another highlight was Mr Fleming’s dog, Menig, who… Read More


A tragic incident, believed to be a case of suicide, occurred in Bruree last Friday. The victim was a middle-aged man named Richard Downes, hailing from a respectable family. He was discovered in the shed of a house with his throat cut. Reports suggest that a razor was found in… Read More

Munster Championship Teams Announced for Limerick vs. Clare Showdown

The County Board’s recent meeting unveiled the formidable teams that will represent Limerick in the upcoming Munster championship matches against Clare at the Markets Field on Sunday, 2nd July. The Hurling team includes skilled players such as T. Flynn, M. Fino (Kilfinane), Joe O’Connell, Tim O’Brien, A. Kelly (Young Irelands),… Read More


Limerick’s racing community mourns the loss of Mr John R. Gubbins, a prominent racehorse owner renowned for his successes on the turf. He passed away yesterday afternoon at his residence in Bruree, leaving behind a legacy marked by his ownership of two famous Derby-winning horses. Mr Gubbins, who was in… Read More

Thrilling Pursuit Unfolds as Limerick Hunt Faces Seasoned Fox

In a riveting display of skill and endurance, members of the Limerick Hunt gathered at Bruree for an exhilarating chase, their sights set on a cunning fox discovered in Mr Browning’s covert. The pursuit unfolded with the fox leading the eager hunters through a maze of roads and fields, where… Read More