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Limerick Rises with National Pride: Politics, Culture, and Sports Propel City’s Progress

Limerick Nationalists celebrate the release of Castleclare prisoners with a brass band demonstration despite intimidation warnings from the police. County council elections in Croom, Glynn, and Castleconnell divisions of Limerick pitted Nationalists against Tories, with a possibility of Nationalist division. A speech by Father Kavanagh on Ireland’s potential and unity… Read More

Celebrating Papal Jubilees, Commemorating the Manchester Martyrs, Debating Workhouse Medical Issues, and Reveling in St. John’s Boat Club Concerts – All in the Lively City of Limerick.

A discussion on the Women’s Confraternity congratulatory address to His Holiness the Pope on his Papal Jubilee, the celebration of the Manchester Martyrs anniversary, a workhouse medical debate, the entertaining concert by St. John’s Boat Club and much more. Get ready to immerse yourself in the rich culture and lively… Read More

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