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Mystery Surrounds Alleged Murder of Farmer in Croom, County Limerick

Croom, County Limerick – In a harrowing turn of events, the quiet community of Croom has been rocked by the alleged murder of a local farmer, whose identity has not yet been disclosed. District Inspector O’Hara has initiated a comprehensive investigation into this disturbing incident, as the authorities work diligently… Read More

This Weeks News From Limerick

Local Bicycle Manufacturer Thrives Through Skilled Workforce Thomond Cycles, a renowned local bicycle manufacturer, is currently experiencing a surge in its business, owing to its unwavering commitment to employing experienced and fully paid mechanics. This dedication to producing high-quality bicycles, constructed by skilled workers rather than apprentices or handymen, sets… Read More

News From Around Limerick

Murder Charges A murder charge was filed at the Glin Petty Sessions against James Normile and Michael Normile. The two were initially arrested on October 26 for house-breaking and inflicting grievous bodily harm on John Dillane in his house at East Mall, Glin, on the night of October 25. Dillane… Read More

“Unveiling the Comicalities and Intrigues of a Vibrant City”

A collection of news and observations from the vibrant city of Limerick, Ireland. In this column, our correspondent shares the latest comicalities and intriguing developments that are taking place in the local government, cultural events, and everyday life. Delve into the witticisms and peculiarities of Limerick as we explore the… Read More

A Fortunate Tramp’s Discovery in Limerick

A young man from the tramp class found himself on a journey from Croom Union workhouse to Limerick, passing through Croom and Rossbrien. Seeking shelter from a heavy rain shower near Rossbrien graveyard, he took refuge behind the wall of an old, roofless house. Like many tramps, his curious eyes… Read More

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