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Young Limerick Women Answer the Call to Religious Life

On the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, two young women from County Limerick embarked on a new journey by entering the Convent of Mercy in Bantry as postulants. Miss Liston, hailing from Cloonara, Feenagh, comes from a family with deep connections to convents in Limerick, Cork,… Read More

Feenagh Meeting Expresses Strong Support for Agricultural Bank Branch

Feenagh, County Limerick – A well-attended meeting comprising farmers, artisans, labourers, and shopkeepers were held in Feenagh last week with the aim of discussing the establishment of a branch of the Agricultural Bank in the locality. In the absence of the Reverend Luther Liston, Mr P. Vaughan, a prominent figure… Read More

Supporting Religious Education: A Call to Action

Letter from Mr Patrick Vaughan, Chairman County Council: Kilmurry, Feenagh, February 16th, 1906. My Lord Bishop, If you deem it advisable to convene a meeting of the city and county to rally support for the schools where the children of our countrymen in England receive their education, I wish to… Read More

Limerick’s Third Trial: A Landmark Case Unfolds in Cork

In a small courtroom in Cork, the third trial of a man accused of a heinous crime against a young girl from Limerick is underway. The accused, Scanlan, is facing charges related to the murder of Bridget Gayer, a case that has captured the attention of the local community and… Read More