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“Unveiling the Comicalities and Intrigues of a Vibrant City”

A collection of news and observations from the vibrant city of Limerick, Ireland. In this column, our correspondent shares the latest comicalities and intriguing developments that are taking place in the local government, cultural events, and everyday life. Delve into the witticisms and peculiarities of Limerick as we explore the… Read More

Limerick Plans “Colleen Bawn” Fete to Support St. John’s Hospital; Fuel Fund Distributes Coal for Christmas; Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children Established; London-Irish Footballers Visit

The city of Limerick is preparing for various events and initiatives to support and uplift the community. Among these efforts is the “Colleen Bawn” Fete, which will raise funds for the debt-laden St. John’s Hospital next summer. Additionally, the Fuel Fund is distributing coal to provide warmth to those in… Read More

Limerick City: A Hub of Cultural, Athletic, and Charitable Endeavours

In the vibrant city of Limerick, recent events offer enriching experiences for its residents, ranging from educational lectures to sports competitions and charity concerts. The engaging talks on various subjects, including the comparison of exhibitions in Cork and Dusseldorf, as well as the theme of “Home,” reflect the city’s cultural… Read More

Colleen Bawn Facts Not Deplorable Fiction

Dear Editor of the Limerick Echo, I kindly request your permission to utilize your esteemed paper as a platform to respond to several correspondents who seem to believe that I have nothing better to do than answer letters. Some of these writers appear to expect immediate replies. I want to… Read More

All Ready For St Patricks Day In Limerick

A meeting of the National Holiday Committee was held yesterday at the Town Hall, with the Reverend T. Lee, President of the Limerick Branch of the Gaol League, presiding. The committee discussed and finalized arrangements for a public procession to commemorate the occasion. Additionally, a Vigilance Committee was appointed. In… Read More

Limerick Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with Grand Success

Limerick – The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Limerick this year exceeded all expectations, leaving members of the National Holiday Committee elated. Every element came together seamlessly, resulting in a truly remarkable event. The weather was exceptionally pleasant, surpassing expectations for a typical June day, and the procession went… Read More

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