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Kilfinane, Co. Limerick: A Beacon of Support and Compassion

Among the numerous heartfelt responses to the Agnes Cox Fund, a particular source of inspiration emerges from Kilfinane, Co. Limerick. This close-knit community has shown remarkable empathy and generosity, embodying the true spirit of solidarity. In a letter from Kilfinane, the words resound with sincerity and concern: “We sincerely hope… Read More

The success of the Artisans’ Dwellings Scheme in Limerick

One of the most positive aspects of social progress in Limerick is the successful implementation of the scheme for erecting workmen’s houses in the Nicholas Street area. Without assistance from another source, the project may have remained an unfulfilled endeavour after the Corporation purchased old houses at inflated prices. Fortunately,… Read More

Big Hurling Match At Limerick: London Irish vs. Limerick

On Sunday, in front of a large crowd at the Markets Field in Limerick, an exciting hurling match took place between Brian Borus (London) and a team representing Limerick city and county. The Londoners, mostly consisting of players from Clare, were invited by the Limerick team to compete. From start… Read More


An inquiry was conducted at Kilfinane to investigate charges brought against Sergeant Healy by Head Constable Spence. The charges included allegations of the sergeant being absent from his beat in Kilfinane at 3 p.m. on December 28th, 1904, and engaging in “tippling” before that time. Sergeant Healy vehemently denied both… Read More

Kilfinane Police Inquiry: Extraordinary Evidence

The inquiry into the charges brought against Sergeant Healy by Head Constable Spence continued with Mr O’Hara and Mr Cruise presiding. The charges involved alleged tippling and being off his beat on a particular day. Mr Loch acted as the prosecutor, and Mr Roger Fox represented Sergeant Healy. Constable McMahon… Read More

Croom Petty Sessions: Woman’s 125 Convictions

The Croom Petty Sessions, presided over by Hon. J.J. French and Captain Basil Roche Kelly, along with Messrs. T.D. Clifford, T.W. Browning, and R.W. Levers, saw a notable case involving Ann Meehan. Ann had been brought from Limerick female prison after serving a three-month sentence for drunkenness and disorderly conduct.… Read More

Munster Championship Teams Announced for Limerick vs. Clare Showdown

The County Board’s recent meeting unveiled the formidable teams that will represent Limerick in the upcoming Munster championship matches against Clare at the Markets Field on Sunday, 2nd July. The Hurling team includes skilled players such as T. Flynn, M. Fino (Kilfinane), Joe O’Connell, Tim O’Brien, A. Kelly (Young Irelands),… Read More

County Surveyor’s Salary – Meeting of County Council

A special meeting of the Limerick County Council was held to discuss the matter of the County Surveyor’s salary. The meeting took place in the Offices on George Street, with Mr Patrick O’Venaghs (Chairman) presiding. Several council members and officials were present, including Lord Emly, Messrs. P. Hayes, J. Ryan,… Read More