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A Legacy of Literature and Love: Aubrey De Vere and Curragh Chase

In the summer of 1900, amid the picturesque landscapes of County Limerick in Ireland, a scene of profound literary significance unfolded at Curragh Chase. Aubrey De Vere, a revered poet and close friend of literary giants such as William Wordsworth and Alfred, Lord Tennyson, found solace and inspiration in the… Read More

Judge Adams Advocates for Nourishing Fare in Limerick Public Houses

In a noteworthy address at the Kilmallock Quarter Sessions, Judge Adams has underlined the importance of Limerick public houses offering not only beverages but also nourishing food to their patrons. Drawing inspiration from Dublin’s practice of providing counter luncheons at an affordable price, Judge Adams has suggested that adopting this… Read More

Mysterious Disappearance of Historic Cannonball from Kilmallock Grave

In a recent discovery that sent ripples of intrigue through the historic burial ground of Kilmallock in County Limerick, Ireland, a cannonball weighing approximately 6lb was unearthed from a grave. This enigmatic artefact, with its links to the past, has since become the focal point of a puzzling incident that… Read More

News From Around Limerick

Murder Charges A murder charge was filed at the Glin Petty Sessions against James Normile and Michael Normile. The two were initially arrested on October 26 for house-breaking and inflicting grievous bodily harm on John Dillane in his house at East Mall, Glin, on the night of October 25. Dillane… Read More

Sibling Squabble Amuses Court at Limerick Quarter Sessions

Limerick, January 12, 1904 — The Quarter Sessions, before Judge Adams, in Limerick were filled with laughter and amusement as a comical case unfolded between siblings, Jerimiah Nugent and Bridget Nugent. The Limerick Echo brings you the details of this humorous courtroom spectacle that left spectators and participants in stitches.… Read More

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