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Abbeyfeale Altercation Leads to Arrest

Abbeyfeale, Thursday – A few nights ago, an alarming altercation took place involving four young farmers from Knockanure and Meengnaraheeny, in the Rockchapel district. The conflict unfolded after the men, who were travelling back home from Mountcollins in a jennet and cart, allegedly shouted offensive names and threw stones at… Read More

Abbeyfeale Sergeant Faces Charges for Inadequate Response to Assault

Abbeyfeale, Wednesday – Yesterday, a Court of Special Inquiry was held at Mountcollins Hut, located three miles from Abbeyfeale. District-Inspectors O’Hara of Limerick (President) and Cusack of Rathkeale convened the inquiry to investigate charges against Sergeant Maurice Roche of improper handling and reporting of an assault case in the district.… Read More

Abbeyfeale Farmers Concerned About Proposed Water Standard in Butter

On Tuesday, despite the severe weather, a large calf market took place in Abbeyfeale, with buyers and sellers coming from various places such as Athea, Glin, Ballylongford, Brosna, Rockchapel, Tournafulla, Mountcollins, Duagh, Dublin, Carlow, and Mullingar. In the butter market, concerns about the proposed water standard set by Cork merchants… Read More

Armed Group Raids Homes in West Limerick, Triggering Police Investigation

Abbeyfeale, Saturday – A wave of criminal activity struck West Limerick when armed and disguised individuals targeted the residences of four prominent farmers in a single night. The incidents, which occurred on Wednesday in the towns of Tullig, Templeglantine, Cragg, and Mountcollins, have sparked a county-wide investigation into the motives… Read More

Moonlighting Cases in West Limerick

At the Abbeyfeale Petty Sessions, after addressing the usual business, the court turned its attention to a series of moonlighting incidents. The individuals’ named Denis Cahill, James Hartnett, James Sullivan, and Francis Horgan of Cragg were brought before Magistrates James Wolfe Flanagan and W. L. Creagh Harnett on charges related… Read More

Harvesting Progress in West Limerick: Favorable Conditions Bring Optimism

Positive news emerges from the Abbeyfeale, Mountcollins, Athea, and Templeglantine districts in West Limerick, as approximately two-thirds of the bay has been successfully harvested and is in excellent condition. The timely weather conditions played a crucial role in this achievement, and if the favourable conditions had persisted for a few… Read More

Harvesting Report in West Limerick

Abbeyfeale, Wednesday – As the harvesting season progresses, a clearer picture of this year’s agricultural results is emerging in West Limerick. In the districts of Abbeyfeale, Athea, Templeglantine, Tournafulla, and Mountcollins, the majority of the hay crop has been successfully harvested and is in excellent condition. However, it is observed… Read More

Discontinuation of Sunday Evening Train Disrupts Postal Services in Abbeyfeale

The recent decision to discontinue the Sunday evening train service between Tralee and Limerick has caused significant disorganization in the postal system of West Limerick and neighboring areas of Rerry. This situation raises serious concerns about the efficiency of the postal authorities’ methods. Letters posted in Abbeyfeale at five minutes… Read More