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The Limerick Gaelic County Board

Abbeyfeale, Saturday. The need for restructuring the Limerick County Board with a stronger focus on Gaelic athletics seems to be gaining recognition. This recognition has grown beyond isolated complaints from a few neglected districts, highlighting the flawed practices employed in the administration of Gaelic affairs in the county. While the… Read More

Armed Group Raids Homes in West Limerick, Triggering Police Investigation

Abbeyfeale, Saturday – A wave of criminal activity struck West Limerick when armed and disguised individuals targeted the residences of four prominent farmers in a single night. The incidents, which occurred on Wednesday in the towns of Tullig, Templeglantine, Cragg, and Mountcollins, have sparked a county-wide investigation into the motives… Read More

Kilmallock Sports Event Showcases Thrilling Athletic Competition

The popular Kilmallock Sports event took place on Sunday at the Fair Field in Kilmallock, drawing significant attention and demonstrating its growing popularity. Known for its high-quality sports activities, the Kilmallock Sports event stands out among other athletic meetings. Participants included top athletes, including prominent competitors from the capital city.… Read More

Limerick Man Max Arthur Macauliffe, Renowned Scholar of Sikhism

Max Arthur Macauliffe, is a figure revered by millions in the Sikh community worldwide and is from the small west Limerick parish of Templeglantine. Born in 1838 as Michael McAuliffe gained prominence for his significant work on the Sikh religion. His six-volume translation of the Sikhs’ holy book, the Guru… Read More

Harvesting Progress in West Limerick: Favorable Conditions Bring Optimism

Positive news emerges from the Abbeyfeale, Mountcollins, Athea, and Templeglantine districts in West Limerick, as approximately two-thirds of the bay has been successfully harvested and is in excellent condition. The timely weather conditions played a crucial role in this achievement, and if the favourable conditions had persisted for a few… Read More

Labour Meeting in Athea, Limerick, Advocates for Workers’ Rights

Athea, Limerick – The District Committee of the Irish Land and Labour Association convened an important meeting at the League Rooms in Athea on Sunday. Attended by delegates representing various branches within the division, the gathering proved to be a dedicated and enthusiastic platform for addressing significant resolutions and practical… Read More

Limerick Mourns the Loss of Promising Young Man

On Christmas Eve, the town of Templeglantine bid farewell to Mr Daniel Sweeney, a young and promising individual whose life was tragically cut short. Mr Sweeney, who had been managing a vital department at Messrs. Cannock and Co.’s establishment in Limerick, succumbed to a debilitating illness that he had contracted.… Read More


At the Abbeyfeale Petty Sessions, several cases were heard involving Mr William Colbert, a Justice of the Peace, and Mr James McGrath, a publican from Athea. The court consisted of Magistrates Mr James Woulfe Flanagan, R.M B.L; W. L, C. Harnett, M. G. Barry, and T. Hurley. Thomas Fitzgerald obtained… Read More