“Limerick Mishap: A Cautionary Tale of a Scottish Tourist’s Trousers”

Mr. Macrae shares several stories about the cautiousness of people in matters related to money and expenses. One of these stories is quite amusing and involves an Irish gentleman from Limerick.

This particular anecdote revolves around a group of Scottish artisans visiting Limerick on a holiday tour. On a rainy day, as the tourists were walking along the street, one of them was accidentally knocked down into the mud by a passing jaunting car, leaving him unconscious.

In a panic, another member of the group hurried towards the fallen traveler, while a nearby Limerick shopkeeper also rushed to offer assistance. Observing the concern on the Scotsman’s face, the shopkeeper sympathetically asked if the injured man was a relative.

“No,” replied the anxious tourist, “but he’s wearing a pair of my trousers!”

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Thursday 21 June 1900

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