Investigation of Waterford and Limerick Railway Bill: Midland Railway’s Running Powers

Today, the committee in charge of the Waterford and Limerick Railway Bill for the Great Southern and Western Railway Company started investigating the clauses. The most important question was how much running power should be given to the Midland (Great Western) Railway over the amalgamated line. The Great Southern offered full running powers from Athenry to Limerick, but the Midland refused to accept this as inadequate. The chairman said that the committee was inclined to give the Midland running powers over the amalgamated line from Athenry to Limerick. The Midland also requested running powers from Galway to Limerick, but the committee reserved judgment until Monday when the case will be further argued. The chairman also hinted that the committee was considering giving the Great Southern running powers over the Midland line from Athenry to Galway.

Belfast News-Letter – Saturday 14 July 1900

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