From Gallery Reporter to Prominent Statesman: The Career Trajectory of Nicholas Flood Davin

Several gallery reporters in the House of Commons have evolved into prominent statesmen, such as Lord Russell of Killowen, Sir Edward Clarke, Q.C., Sir Gordon Sprigg, Mr. Justin M’Carthy, and the Hon. Nicholas Flood Davin, Q.C. Born in Limerick 57 years ago, Davin entered the Gallery of the House in his early twenties. By 25, he was a barrister in the Middle Temple, and two years later, he served as a correspondent during the thick of the Franco-Prussian War. Currently, he is considered the most scholarly man in Ottawa. Davin’s career trajectory demonstrates the potential for journalists to transition into influential roles in politics and government.

Dundee Evening Post¬†–¬†Monday 30 July 1900

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