Discovering German Ancestral Roots in County Limerick, Ireland

A Pennsylvanian German recently visited Ireland and shared his experience in a letter to the St. Louis Review. During his visit, he was able to find the descendants of his countrymen who still reside in the areas of Adare and Rathkeale, both located in County Limerick. These individuals could easily be identified by their racial peculiarities, and many of their customs still reflect their German ancestry, which can be traced back to their forefathers from the banks of the Rhine.

Many of the names of these descendants remain true to their German origins, with surnames like Koch, Gessner, Nagel, and Naumann being quite common in the area. The presence of these German names and customs in Ireland demonstrates the enduring influence of the German immigrants who settled in the country centuries ago, contributing to the unique cultural patchwork that characterizes the Irish experience. The story and experience of this Pennsylvanian German visiting Limerick and discovering their ancestral roots are a compelling reminder of the deep connections that can exist between different cultures and countries throughout history.

Gloucester Citizen – Monday 10 December 1900

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