Limerick Corporation Protests Against Coronation Oath Amid New Sheriff Installation

At the Limerick Corporation meeting on Saturday night, the main focus was the installation of Mr. Barry as the new Sheriff. During the event, members carried a resolution, expressing their protest against the long-standing Coronation Oath. This controversial oath, which highlights an important moment for the newly-appointed, became a source of disagreement among the participants during this significant gathering.

The resolution’s passage demonstrates a growing sentiment among the Limerick Corporation members, who may view the existing Coronation Oath as outdated and not reflective of current values. This debate could reignite conversations around reform and inclusivity within the organization. As Mr. Barry takes on the role of Sheriff, it remains to be seen how this protest will impact his term and if any action will be taken to address the concerns regarding the Coronation Oath.

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 25 February 1901

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