Census-Taker’s Humorous Challenges with Uncooperative Housewife and Enthusiastic Irishwomen

In a comical account of census-taking experiences shared by the Yorkshire Post, a frowsy housewife and two Irishwomen provided challenges for the census-taker. The housewife, more focused on her pot of beer than cleaning her surroundings, dismissively refused to provide information about her family, claiming she couldn’t be fined because she doesn’t have five pounds. The situation escalated when she threatened the census-taker with a saucepan. Meanwhile, in another street, two Irishwomen — a mother and daughter — welcomed the census-taker with an enthusiastic rendition of ‘Doolally.’ The daughter had no reservations about sharing her personal information loudly for all to hear, including her Limerick origins and age of 32, making the task of filling out the census form for them a memorable experience.

Portsmouth Evening News – Thursday 04 April 1901

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