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£1,300 Spending Spree and Mysterious £1,500 Withdrawal: Court Orders Examination in Limerick – Limerick Archives

£1,300 Spending Spree and Mysterious £1,500 Withdrawal: Court Orders Examination in Limerick

Limerick, Ireland – A case entailing a lavish spending spree, costing a substantial £1,300 and culminating in a two-year prison sentence, has taken centre stage in Limerick’s legal arena. The protagonists in this intriguing legal saga are the late Rody Ryan and his widow, Ellen Ryan, who currently serves as the administratrix of his estate. At the heart of the matter is a significant sum of £1,500 that was withdrawn from the National Bank under mysterious circumstances.

The plaintiffs, Michael and Ellen Ryan, who are the next-of-kin of the deceased Rody Ryan, initiated legal proceedings by applying for a writ of habeas corpus. This legal manoeuvre was directed at the Governor of the Female Prison in Limerick, with the primary objective of compelling Ellen Ryan to provide an account of the £1,500 that had vanished into thin air. The court’s keen interest in this case stemmed from the apparent absence of any satisfactory explanation regarding the missing funds.

Ellen Ryan, who had been under arrest and in prison since February 2nd, 1896, found herself at the centre of this financial enigma. Throughout her confinement, she had not provided any convincing account of what transpired with the substantial sum in question. Further investigation into the matter unveiled a curious detail: £250 of the missing funds had been deposited as part of a contract related to the purchase of house property in Dublin.

The legal proceedings were set into motion with Mr Law Smith, acting on instructions from Mr Ralph Nash, solicitor, moving for the writ of habeas corpus. The Master of the Rolls, upon careful consideration of the application, deemed it appropriate to grant the order. This order compelled Ellen Ryan to attend court on Thursday morning at eleven o’clock, setting the stage for a dramatic courtroom confrontation.

As Limerick’s legal community eagerly anticipates the forthcoming court appearance of Ellen Ryan, the mystery surrounding the £1,500 withdrawal from the National Bank continues to baffle and intrigue. The questions of how the money was spent, the circumstances surrounding its disappearance, and the implications for Ellen Ryan’s imprisonment remain unresolved. The courtroom promises to be the arena where these enigmatic financial matters are finally laid bare for all to see.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 10 May 1901