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Limerick Methodists Gather to Discuss Future Plans |

Limerick Methodists Gather to Discuss Future Plans

LIMERICK – In a recent gathering of the Limerick district of the Methodist church, members convened in the vestry of George Street Methodist Church, Limerick, to deliberate on various matters of importance. Presided over by the esteemed Rev. J. Woods Ballard, the meeting provided a platform for reflection and decision-making within the Methodist community.

One of the key topics of discussion centred around the district’s membership. Rev. J. Woods Ballard reported that the district boasted a net membership of twenty-five devoted individuals. The meeting itself drew an impressive turnout, with between sixty and seventy attendees, a testament to the strong sense of community and shared purpose among Limerick’s Methodists.

Notably, Rev. William Conlin was notably absent from the gathering, a point of interest among the attendees. His absence raised curiosity and added an element of intrigue to the proceedings.

In a display of camaraderie, the members gratefully accepted the generous offer extended by the secretary of the T.P.V.M.A. (Temperance, Philanthropic, and Victualing Movement Association) to keep the reading room open to the attending ministers during the Synod. Such acts of support and collabouration underscore the bonds that tie this close-knit Methodist community together.

Another matter that commanded the attention of those present was the question of a new manse in Limerick. After thorough discussion, this important decision was deferred to the capable hands of the managing committee, who will further explore the feasibility and logistics of such a project. The potential construction of a new manse is anticipated with excitement and interest by all.

During the meeting, grants were generously allocated to various Methodist congregations in the district, including those in Limerick, Cloughjordan, Borrisokane, Rathkeale, and Galway. These grants serve as a testament to the commitment of the Limerick Methodist district to support and uplift its fellow congregations, fostering a spirit of unity and shared purpose.

The meeting reached its culmination with a public gathering held at the George Street Methodist Church in the evening. Here, the congregation had the privilege of hearing Rev. R. Lee Cole, BJV., deliver an inspiring sermon. Rev. Cole’s presence and message undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all those in attendance.

As the Methodist community in Limerick continues to navigate its path forward, these gatherings and discussions serve as a reminder of the enduring strength of their faith and the unity that binds them together. With a commitment to their shared values and a willingness to embrace the challenges of the future, the Limerick district of the Methodist church looks forward to shaping its destiny with faith and determination.

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 06 May 1901

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