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Priest Warns Against Unjust War and Soldier’s Duty – Limerick Gazette

Priest Warns Against Unjust War and Soldier’s Duty

Rev. Father Kavanagh of Limerick expresses deep distress over British recruiting sergeants’ attempts to “entrap” young Irishmen into the army. He urges his countrymen to remember the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings that participating in an unjust war leads to sin, and dying without repentance results in the loss of one’s soul. Consequently, he hopes that Catholics will avoid enlisting and leave the journey to South Africa for Orangemen, whom he believes will be beneficial in the region.

The concerns raised by Rev. Father Kavanagh echo the sentiments of many within the Irish Catholic community who are wary of the consequences of being involved in unjust conflicts. By reminding the people of the church’s teachings, Father Kavanagh hopes that the youth will steer clear of making haste decisions led by the persuasive tactics of British recruiting sergeants.

Father Kavanagh’s call for Irish Catholics to abstain from enlisting stands as a powerful statement aimed at preserving the integrity of the community’s beliefs and values. At the same time, it highlights the divisions within Irish society, as he suggests that the Orangemen may be better suited to handle the challenges in South Africa.

His stance offers an opportunity for reflection and dialogue within the broader community, urging individuals to become more aware of their role in larger global issues and the potential impact on their personal spiritual well-being. By taking a stand against unjust wars and emphasizing the importance of making informed decisions, Father Kavanagh and others like him contribute to fostering a more conscientious and morally-guided society.

Nottingham Evening Post – Thursday 21 November 1901